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Onority is a blog working, researching and publishing on Make Money Online, Make Money Blogging, How to Get Online Jobs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Product Reviews, Affiliate Marketing – Authority Marketing. The goal of this blog is to help people who want to build a career on the internet, showing the best ways to get success.



What does OnOrity mean?

You might be wondering what does actually the word ONORITY mean. There is no dictionary meaning for “onority” in English language. Onority is a combination of two words – ONLINE & AUTHORITY. We took “On” from the word OnLine and “Ority” from the word Auth-Ority. So being said that, OnOrity means Online Authority. It is a technique of choosing short name for Business, Organization or Domain.

“OnOrity means Online Authority”

This is a blog for OnOrities (i.e. Online Authorities) by an OnOrity (i.e. Online Authority) to help get skilled for a money making career online. Online authorities are those who authorize people on a particular niche for financial or social or for any other purpose.

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