How to Be A Successful Blogger Even If You Have No Experience

How to Be A Successful Blogger Even If You Have No Experience

You might have got inspired to make money online through blogging. But you are new and you don’t know anything about blogging or you don’t know how to be A successful blogger. So how that could be possible to be a successful blogger and to stand out of the crowd of million bloggers, is it really possible?

Yes, it is possible but for that, you have to follow some guidelines that are going to be discussed below. If you have good patience level and are serious about blogging to create your career then, of course, you will be a good blogger in the near future.

I saw many bloggers started blogging and could not stay focused more than three months.


Because they didn’t know the guidelines to follow and they were not aware of the issues with blogging business.

Failure comes to those bloggers who think blogging is so easy to make money, blogging can make them millionaire within a year.

Let me clarify first that you can make a decent amount of money blogging but only if you are patient, serious and persevered enough with your blog. Let’s get started with the few things of how to be a successful blogger to achieve the ultimate goal.

Become a Reader to Satisfy the Hunger of Knowledge

The more you read the more you can succeed in blogging. Continuous reading with passion can create a mental state of great knowledge to pursue them in creating great blogs.

Just think why people will come to read your blog, what they can get to learn from you.

You can improve yourself in writing your blogs with the habit of reading. The following are some benefits of reading

  • Strong Analytical Thinking Ability
  • Improved Memory
  • Vocabulary Expansion
  • Knowledge
  • Better Writing Skills

The above said benefits of reading can help you become a good blogger. Good reading habit can help you get unique ideas to write blogs that people would appreciate.

If you say that you don’t want to read to blog then I would say that blogging could become difficult for you to stay for a long time and get success.

To become a blogger in any niche, just ask yourself how many books and articles you read on that knowledge. Yes, this is the question that you need to ask yourself before proceeding to become a blogger.

If you found that you read 15 to 20 books and articles on a deep down niche then you can become a good and successful blogger in that particular niche. But one thing needs a mention here, that the flow of your reading should keep going as it was, before start blogging.

So there is no alternative to reading to become a good blogger.

I would like to suggest you here to read other blogs in your niche. You should read the best bloggers of your niche to learn the way they write their blog but not to copy their writings.

Become a Different and Unique styled Blogger

It is very important for bloggers who want to become successful to stand out of the crowd. There are billions websites and blogs, so for getting the success, you need to be very different with your blog. Your writing style should be unique and reader-friendly.

Imagine how many bloggers are there online, and every day there are a good number of new bloggers entering the industry. But very few bloggers can stay out of the crowd and get succeeded.

Read the blogs of all successful writers, try to find out what you love about their writings. What grabs your mind through their blogs. This question will help you find out the reason for their blogging success.

You have to get those reason to use them in your blogging. From different good bloggers styles plus your own style can easily create something unique and mind grabbing blog. Once you gain this uniqueness, you will be on track on how to be a successful blogger.

Plan to Spread Out your Blog

Before start writing your blogs, please make yourself clear with the fact that to spread out and get success with the blog, you require having a plan for both free and paid ways to market your blog to get the real visitors.

Many people start their blogs and within three to six months they get the success. But others who are providing a lot of effort but in their blogs are not getting success. Why is that?

The reason is they are very serious about their blogging and they are using both free and paid ways of marketing their blog.

They spend money on blog spreading to get back money that is way bigger amount than the spent amount. These bloggers are not only good writers but they are also good businessmen.

So if your intention of blogging is to make money then please be serious to make a plan for both paid and free ways to let all the potential readers as well as visitors of your blog. Believe me this plan with good implementation can make you way more than the amount of your money and time spent.

You might have seen the ads from Niel Patel, Jeff Bullas who are spending a lot of money on spreading out their blogs. They are very good writers and bloggers who are very serious about getting the success of their blog. That is why they are so successful in this blogging industry.

So to become someone special from millions of bloggers in the mind of the readers you have to think about it as a serious blogger with good business skills.

There are few things to become a successful blogger and that should be inserted into your plan of blogging. Those things are –

  • Top level domain with good hosting services.
  • Social media marketing – Free and Paid (Ads)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Such as Adwords Ads to show your blog posts on SERP)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Become a guest writer for other successful bloggers within your niche.
  • Youtube video creation and integration with your blog.

Always Stick to Your Niche Properly

To get success fast with blogging try to stick your writing with your niche. So for that, you should first find out what you know best and what that is you studied most in life. It should be something that you are good to write a lot about on which you can prove yourself well experienced.

Try to make your niche more specific. For instance, you want to write about shoes. And you found yourself having a very good knowledge of sports shoes. Then you should start your blog on “sports shoes” rather than on “Shoes”.

Creation of Business with your Blog

Create your own products and sell them to your readers and site visitors. You might be wondering about creating your own products. Don’t panic you can easily create your own digital products like ebooks, plugins, mobile apps, web designs. Or you can sell services like logo designing, photography, writing articles etc.

The main intention here should be to create more and more cognitive demand for your blogs in the minds of the potential readers as well as buyers.

The products should have relation to your niche. Suppose if you are a writer on sports shoes then obviously it can be said whoever is reading your blogs, they are actually looking for information on sports shoes because they are going to buy sports shoes.

So it becomes very easy for a sports shoe blogger to sell sports shoes to the blog readers. You can sell your own products or you can sell other peoples’ products through affiliate links.

Final Words on How to Be a Successful Blogger

If so far, you found yourself comfortable with the guidelines described above, then it is a sign of your ability to become a successful blogger.

Follow the steps properly and you will get your success in blogging like all other successful bloggers. My intention with this post is to make you understand how to be a successful blogger.

I would appreciate your comment, how you found this post and what about this post worked with your blogging success. If you are planning to start your blog soon then share your experience with us.

Please share this posts with your friends, blog partners, and networks.

How to Approach to Get Selected for Freelance Jobs

How to Approach to Get Selected for Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn living in today’s world. Many people are working on various leading freelancing jobs sites such as UpWork, Not everyone is able to get the jobs applied. Now it is required to know how to get selected for freelance jobs. Every successful freelancer follows few things strictly to become succeeded –

  • They write their proposal in a way that a client will never say “no”.
  • They provide quality service that is more than the clients’ expectation, they always give a little
  • They keep their commitment and become reliable to clients.
  • They keep their professionalism and always care about their clients.

To follow these above-said points, you have to set up approaches to hunting your freelance jobs. Those approaches are discussed below –

Contents for How to Get Selected for Freelance Jobs

Always Read Full Job Description

Most of the freelancers don’t read the full description of the job posting. If a client is looking for quality services from a freelancer then definitely he has specific requirements to get fulfilled. Reading the full job description is the first step that will help you to know how to get selected for freelance jobs.

So to understand the clients’ need it is very useful to read the whole job description. It can also help find out the keywords that need to include into the proposal.

For example, many clients include some special keywords at the end of the description that he urges to include in the letter of proposal. That means if you didn’t read the full then you wouldn’t be able to include the given keyword into your proposal.

This is usually a trick that many clients use to get to know who read the full description to understand his or her requirements.

So reading the full job description and writing the proposal accordingly can help you get on the short list of selection.

Write Focused Proposal for Every Applied Job Instead of Copying and Pasting

Every job’s description is different from others in terms of requirements, types, clients, needs, outcomes. So never set your mind to just copy and pasting the proposal from your previous applied jobs proposals.

Proposal or cover letter is the key to get into the mind of the clients. In 90% cases, the proposal is the determiner whether an applicant will be selected. The proposal is the first representation of the applicant to the client. An impressive and properly written proposal always wins the job.

Some people think that it needs to be the first to apply for the job and make a fast proposal by copy and pasting it from the previous one. Please don’t fool yourself, the client will pay for the jobs so of course will find out the person for the job.

So, it is better to think your client smart enough rather than thinking client an idiot or fool. This market is very competitive and there are lots of freelancers applying for a single job.

The clients will find out the perfect person for the job from the many proposals he gets. Hence you should think about writing a perfect proposal for every job you are applying for.

Ask Yourself How Much You Know About Respective Client

It is very important to know your client before applying for the job. Please think, placing yourself in the client’s shoes. If you were a client, how would you feel if the applicants were addressing you by your first name? Of course, you would feel better and it would personalize the proposal to stand out of the crowd.

In almost every case applicants got a reply if they are mentioning the first name of the client. The client gets a first view of the applicant or the freelancer that he or she bothered to study about the client.

Always Represent Yourself with Good Communication Skill

Communication skill is a very important factor while getting prepared to become a successful freelancer. Every client wants someone whose communication skill is good to work with the projects.

So the cover letter or the proposal is the first approach to let the client know about the level of communication. Please write your proposal in a way that can communicate the client properly and can make him or her start relying on you.

Proofread your cover letter or proposal before submitting. Double check everything in the proposal such as grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. You should not let your client find out any mistake from your writings.

Apply For the Right Job

Apply for the right job, what does that mean? Suppose you are a Web Designer, not a Web Developer, but you are applying for web developing job, this is completely wrong. If you are both web designer and web developer then it is fine.

Many freelancers don’t even read the job category before applying. For example, a copywriter is applying for a logo designing job. How come a copywriter can apply for brand identity designing?

A copywriter should apply for a copywriting or blog writing job. A logo designer or brand identity Designer should apply for logo or brand identity designing jobs.

Boasting or Bragging Too Much is Not Good for Reputation

In the proposal or cover letter, you should not boast or brag too much. Many freelancers boast too much thinking that will create a good image in the mind of the client. It was been found that the first 8 sentences of 12 sentences of the cover letter, were bragging or boasting.

But to be honest, the cover letter is not for boasting, here after two sentences of boasting you should explain how you think about the job, what is your approach to the job, in which way you can serve better than others.

Profile and Portfolio should be the tools to boast or brag properly which should include everything about yourself. So brag in profile rather than in a cover letter. Your client will find your profile if he likes your approach to the work in cover letter or proposal.

Completed Profile – Portfolio

The profile should be 100% completed if possible. The information included should be clear and polished so that the client can get a good idea of your skills and quality of services.

Please don’t forget to include your work samples in your portfolio. This is very important as the client will assess them before hiring a freelancer.

Sort and arrange all your profile information in such a way that any client will want to talk to you.

Take Skill Tests to Improve Profile

Take skill tests as many as you can to improve and strengthen your profile. Take online courses from online free universities like, get new skills and include them in your freelance profile.

If you have any certification on any special training or skills then include them in your profile. Even skills that you acquired through self-training, include them.

Profile Photo Matters

The profile photo is a very important thing to consider if you want to win your clients. Many freelancers are using various kinds of stock photos as their profile picture. Some are using vector objects photo as a profile picture.

Please do understand one thing, that profile picture should be one that is representing the real you. Moreover, your photo with a smile would make more lively to the clients. It also represents the freelancer’s personality which is very crucial in case of hunting jobs.

If you are intending to become a freelancer who will work with various clients, where you will work for them as their co-workers or colleague and you know how coworkers represent themselves to each other in case of photos. It should be a friendly photo representing the real freelancer who is going to work with.

Pricing Your Service or Work Carefully

Selecting your rate of work per hour is a very crucial thing to consider. You should charge a reasonable amount for any proposed work. Don’t charge way too low or high. Suppose your client has set the price for a given job within a range of $150 to $300, where the minimum price the client set is $150. So don’t offer lower than $150.

I saw many freelancers are offering lower than the minimum amount set by the client. They usually do that because they think the client will hire him or her for a lower price. But it can ruin your reputation and the client may think about your quality of work with a very low price.

Hence it is better to set a reasonable rate within the range if there is any. The price should not be way too low.

Final Talk

Whenever you are applying for a job on freelancing jobs hub, remember above-described points to apply to your cover letter or proposal. I wrote this post to help all the freelancers who are struggling to get freelance jobs online.

If you like this post or if I could do a little help to let you know how to get selected for freelance jobs to improve freelance career, then I would be glad to be a part of your success. If you want to share anything or if you want to suggest anything about the post, then please feel free to write in the comment box below. I wish you a successful freelancing career.

Thanks for reading the post and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and networks.

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How to Make Money Blogging – Best Way for Better Living.

How to Make Money Blogging – Best Way for Better Living.

Many people wonder how to make money blogging, as they first get to know about it. If you are also one of them then you have got the way to know how to make money blogging. Bloggers make money through many ways and I will explain some of the most popular ways to make money blogging.

Everyone needs extra money to run their household, education or other expenses. With a limited amount of salary, we cannot satisfy the need to meet our daily expenses.

That is why many people who know how to blog are working part time at the beginning and full time after getting success.

You don’t have to be a super blogger or you don’t have to be certified specialist on the blogging topic. All you have to do is just write posts that you think you are good at.

So let’s get to know the steps to start a blog to make money –

Brainstorm to Find Out Your Niche

This tells about to do a dedicated brainstorming to find out exactly what you are good at, that you know very well of the ins and outs. This is very important and should be analyzed properly to select the best one.

So take a pen and paper or take your notebook or tab to write down all ideas that come into mind roughly. It should be more than 25 items.

Once you find the rough 25 ideas then sort it out for the next level and make the list with no more than fifteen items. In these step keep only those 15 item which you find more comfortable to work with.

Thirdly, arrange the list of 15 items on the basis of your knowledge level with those items. The item that you think that you know best, should be number one on the list. And the next best one should be number two in the list.

Now comes the next level of brainstorming where you have to cut down the list to make it a list of 5 items only. These five items should be those that you can write articles on. Keep this list somewhere safe so that in the future you can see those items if you need to.

Many people keep 10 best items to use all of them on their blogs. You can also do that on your own blog, but at the beginning, you should select only one or two to write your blog, so the SEO would take a shorter time than a blog with multiple niches.

Create Your Own Blog

The first step is to create a blog to flow your writing through. It is very simple to say that for making money blogging you are required to have a blog. This blog will be the base of all your online earning methods.

Is it Possible to Start a Free Blog to Make Money?

Yes, of course, it is possible to start a free blog to make money. Many people are doing blogging with free services.

But be warned that with free services you will not gain the full control of your blog.

The free service provider has the full control over your blog who can stop free services for you at any time. So free blogging sites are not suggested to create your blog.

If you are really serious about blogging to make money, then I would like to recommend you to go for paid blogging services with WordPress.

Create Amazing and Useful Content

The content of your blog should be something that is useful and amazing to your readers. People love precise information that is worthwhile to read. So plan your content that is not only useful but amazing to grab the readers’ attention.

Provide Solution to Problems

Your content should carry the purpose of solving a problem that a group a people is looking for. Before start writing find out what issue your post is going to solve and plan accordingly. People use search engines to get the solution to their problems.

Make Readers Feel Supported

Your writing approach should be supportive to the readers. It should make them feel the reliable source of the solution. This feeling will ensure the bonding between your blog and readers.

Include Something New to Know

Whenever we read something, we are looking for something new that we didn’t know or read before.

So plan your writing that includes something that the target readers never read before.

This will ensure the confidence and trust on your blog to stick with for a long time.

Precise and To-The-Point Description

Please keep the precision your blog description and write to the point. Readers get discouraged if the description is too long.

Insert artwork and pictures to get them concentrated and refreshed. Graphical presentation grabs attention and also describes a lot of information within few seconds.

Amuse Readers

With having a precise and specific description, share your feelings, experiences or anything that you think can amuse your readers.

Serious discussion with entertainment in between can have a good communication to create bonding.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important to get organic traffic. Use your keyword based on the main topic or the issue of your writing.

Implement the following:

  • Name the post should contain the main keyword.
  • Include the keyword in your post URL.
  • The description should also include the keyword for better optimization.

In order to reach a large number of your target audience, it is important to create social media links to your post. Use Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I always prefer Facebook page, Twitter Business Page, and the amazing Pinterest to share across social networks.

Establishing Your Brand

Establish your blog name as a brand through providing a constant supply of quality blogging for sharing ideas with people. Once you are trusted properly you have got the authority to make money with all the ways available. This is the main concept of the whole blogging business. The more the trust and worthiness the more the possibilities of making money through it.

Monetizing Your Blog

In this step, you are ready with your blog having a sufficient number of good posts. There are several ways to monetize a website those are explained below –

Advertising Networks

This one almost everyone uses, to monetize their blog or website. This includes Click per cost / Pay per click (PPC), Pay per view (PPV), Pay per sale (PPS). Most popular PPC networks are Adsense, Chitika, InfoLinks, Bidvertiser etc.

Depending on the advert type, bloggers get paid on the activities of their readers with those ads showing on around the site.

Monetizing Through Affiliation

Affiliates earn through sharing their affiliate links to the target customer of the products. Bloggers have a great chance to place their affiliate links in front of their readers.

It is a great way of making money blogging, and many bloggers only work with this type of blog monetization.

Own Products Selling

If you have production of anything real or virtual, you can sell them through blogging. For example, as a writer, you can start writing eBooks (virtual product) and sell them to your blog readers.

Many bloggers started blogging to sell their products. Other bloggers started blogging first then entered into creating/buying (B2B) and selling products to use their authority to make money.

Selling Services You Provide

You can also sell services that you are proficient on. The services could be writing -copywriting, designing, proofreading, translation, training etc.

Suppose you are a good designer, you have a blog on designing where you write the designing tutorial for your readers. In that case, as a graphic design professional, you can offer paid training on designing to your blog readers and subscribers.

Or you can offer your content writing services to other bloggers who buy articles for their blogs. So this is a very effective way for bloggers to show what they are good at to sell that service to others.

Sponsored Posts

You can monetize your site with posts sponsored by companies for their products reviews. Here the company is paying you to write about their products to let your readers and visitors of the blog.

But the number of sponsored posts should be very low because more sponsored posts can discourage your readers to come to your blog. It is better to disclose to readers about the sponsorship of the products and also assure them that the opinions are truly yours.

Final Words

This post is written to help you understand how to make money blogging and take actions to start blogging.

Please take actions with new knowledge you gained. Then only you can convert your skill and knowledge into money.

If you found anything helpful that helped you to start blogging then please share that with us.

Please don’t forget to share this posts with your friends and networks.

How to Write, Publish and Sell eBooks – Writing for Living

How to Write, Publish and Sell eBooks – Writing for Living

The popularity of eBooks is undeniable. Readers love reading eBook as they can carry it with them all the time. It is now one of the easiest ways to earn or make money online. If you are good at anything that you can teach or share with people then you should start writing and make money selling ebooks. Yes, electronic book, which is very easy now to create with your own contents.



How to Get eBook Writing Ideas

If you are not sure what to write about then remember whatever that would be, is already inside you. Suppose you are very good at cooking foods and you feel that it could be shared with other people through writing recipes. Then it is better to start with making a cookbook where all your own dishes recipes will be in written format.

You can go for some other ideas but find and select an idea that has a good value of demand. For an example, you can try the term Paleo Diet Recipes, this has a great demand in the market, but not enough result for good sources of information.


Required Tools and Software

You need word processing tools or software to create your content. Besides using Microsoft Word, MS Word Online or Pages if you are a Mac user, You can also use Google Docs, it is also a very good tool for writers.

Just download the google drive sign into it with your Gmail account and start using google words. For those who want to use free word processing tools should consider using google docs or the following open source word processing tools for both Windows and Mac users.


Creating Outlines

An outline is very important to write an ebook. You can think it the blueprint of your whole ebook. The outline helps to get focused on the topic and create a relative flow of the whole ebook.

First, make a rough outline, then start writing and you will get your outline being developed with the advancement of your writing. Once you create the outline and get structured, you will find it very inspiring easy to write the description of your book.

The outline helps readers to get the main idea and concept of the eBook. It keeps readers engaging with the eBook which will create a cognitive respect for the writer of the eBook.


The First Impression is the Last Impression

There is a saying that “the first impression is the last impression”. It is very true in the world of selling and marketing. Almost all the marketer or seller is implementing this saying.

Think about yourself, if you see a product that you are not about to buy but the look and the quality of that product created an impression inside you. Now you are feeling to recheck the product, why, because now there is an intention inside you to buy the product.

The intention converts into demand and that demand converts into successful selling of the product. In case of an electronic book (ebook), the following two things are most important things to grab the attention of buyers –

Cover of Your E-book

Cover of your e-book is very crucial to get sold, though there is a saying “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover” but it is important to get the first impression of the prospective readers. Through internet people these days are buying almost everything.

Suppose you are buying a T-shirt online, but you cannot touch to examine the t-shirt’s quality. But that is not stopping you to buy that T-shirt. People find it very comfortable to buy on the internet. But what if the product is an e-book, you cannot touch even after you buy it. I hope you got the point why people find ebook eligible to buy online.

In that process, there should be something that grabs their minds to increase cognitive demand for that particular eBook. So the cover page should be mind-blowing and able to get the first impression of the potential readers.

Synopsis for Your E-book

If you don’t know what synopsis is, then in simple words “Synopsis” the summary or the outline of a written work. You might have seen on paper made books that on the back cover of the book there is a summary of major plots or points of the whole book. This summary the book is called synopsis.

It is very important for any book especially for an ebook, because if your ebook cover works fine to grab the attention of the buyer, then the next thing the buyer will look for is the synopsis. If the synopsis is perfect to please the cognitive desire of the buyer then the ebook could be sold successfully

I hope you already got the importance of the synopsis in ebook selling business. So take your time while writing the synopsis of your ebook, to make it a selling synopsis.


More and More Images

Use as many images as you can, as it helps encourage them while reading. It is also important if you need to grab attention to a specific part while reading any part of the ebook. On the web too many pictures can create a problem, so the ebook is a nice way to express all your words with a lot of pictures.

Create pictures through vector graphic software like Adobe Illustrator and/or Inkscape or you can shoot photos with your digital camera or mobile phone camera, then edit them to get them ready to use it within your writing.

If you are not comfortable with designing or photography, then I would suggest you to use creative commons pictures. Search pictures with the topic of your demand and look for those which are with CC0 License. CC0 license represents you can reuse with modification and no requirements for attribution.


Link Up Web Content & Social Pages

Ebook has always known a very good source of backlinks if we talk about SEO. You can create very effective backlinks for your website and your social media page just by linking them up to the ebook. Good backlinks will rank your site into SERP (search engine result page).

Moreover, it can be a profitable way for increasing traffic to your YouTube or Vimeo videos where views convert into currency. But we should remember one thing that whatever links are getting inserted into the eBook, those links must relate to the main topic of the ebook. secure

How to Publish eBook and Where to Sell

You can use Blurb’s online eBook creator to create your ebook. This tool will help you edit and design your book contents and cover page. After completing your e-book creation steps your book will be on Blurb store or Apple iBookstore.

For selling your eBook you can use the Amazon market to sell your ebook. There are also some other cool places to sell e-books such as Kindle Direct Publishing, Blurb etc. If you publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing then you automatically your book will be on Kindle store.

Format of Your Ebook

The format of your eBook electronic should be PDF format. This is the most common and friendly eBook format. You can use your word processors to save the file in pdf format.

In case of different types of selling platforms, they use a specific format such as kindle publishing. In that case, use their format to create your eBook and market it.


Proper Marketing for the E-book

Marketing is very crucial for selling eBooks online. It needs a planned and effective way to market eBook your ebook. There are already huge number of people working on digital marketing. You can hire them to market your product or you can also go for free methods which are as follows –

Social Media Pages

If you have your own social media pages then make a use of it to promote your ebook through the fan of your pages. If you don’t have social pages then create an Author page on Facebook and Twitter start sharing all your creations.

Share things that is related to your niche. Keep yourself engaging with social pages on a regular basis, which will help search engines of social media get your page to the potential readers.

Share and promote your eBook on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and all other social platforms. You will find it very effective to reach a lot of people who really love to read your eBook.

Pinterest should be mentioned separately, as it is very effective for selling products like eBooks. Share your eBooks’ selling link on Pinterest that will represent through the attracting cover page of your eBook.

Use Giant e-Commerce Sites

As I have already mentioned about in the section of where to sell eBook, I did not mention there that it is a place where it is very easy to get sales promotions and avail products to millions of their regular buyers. You can also check and use the service of eBay one the biggest competitors of Amazon.

Use Affiliate Networks

Use affiliate networks to sell your ebook, where there you have to pay commission to the affiliates for success sales. This is very helpful as those affiliates use their content marketing to sell your products for earning their commissions.

We should keep in mind that the more the sale is the more the revenue from the ebook selling. So sharing a small portion of the money which is indeed inflowing from customers is actually profitable to deal with.

Final Talk

The more productive we can be the more money can be made online. For that we need to know the proper ways without investing anything. I wanted to share the ways to help you make money selling eBooks online. You may or may not be a writer, but you can be a writer at any time you want.

Yes, for a newbie it will take more time than the time professional writers usually take. But nobody can ignore that professional writers were also newbies to writing at the beginning of the career. Just get inspirations and motivation first then you will find it very easy to become a writer to earn your living.

I will think myself happy if this post can help you even a bit in your endeavor. Please feel free to share your feeling or what you think in comments box below. I wish you successful money making career ahead. Have a nice day.

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How to Become A Customer Service Representative to Get Jobs Online

How to Become A Customer Service Representative to Get Jobs Online

In the 21st century of globalization, businesses are spread out all over the world. As now there are no boundaries to do business for the sake of internet, so the number of competition is increasing day by day. So here comes the need of gaining competitive advantages over competitors. So the idea of creating online customer service jobs and hiring people came as a competitive advantage.

Many companies found Customer Service as a very active competitive advantage that is not only improving the company-customer relationship but also promoting business to the next level. This is why almost every company small or large, is dedicated to provide customer services to their potential customers or consumers. It means it is very important for online job seekers to know how to online customer service jobs.


What is Customer Service / Customer Service Definition

In general the service provision to the customers before or after selling a product or services, is known customer service.

According to Oxford Dictionary

“The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.”

According to Collins Dictionary

”Customer Service is any activity designed to increase the level of customer satisfaction, such as help with finding the right product and guidance about its use.”

So what we get from the above two definitions – The assistance, advice or any other activity that is being provided by any company to its customers to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

The personnel who are representing the company and conducting the customer service communications with customers are known as Customer Service Representatives.

Online Customer Service Skills

Before proceeding forward it is very important to know, the skills that a customer service representative should possess. Check the following skills that prospective customer service representative needs to have –

Clear Communication

Being precise and clear while communicating to the customer is very important. Clear communication can ensure good relationship with customer. A simple miscommunication that could be happen through a mistake could damage the future relationship with the customer. So a very clear communication skill is a prioritized skill for any customer service representative.

Good Listening Ability

Good listening is required to have voice conversation with customers. If the representative does not have ability to listen the customer properly, then the conversation could become a mess, and the customer could become angry.

Good Reading Ability

If it comes to the conversation through live chat support, then the CSR should have the ability to read and understand properly what the customer or client is actually asking for.

Good Knowledge of Products and/ services

As we all know that customer service is obviously related to the communication with customers, then it is also related to provide information on sold or to be sold products or services.

Good Language Skill

A CS Representative should have a very good language skill, which I hope that you already know. But what you don’t know at the beginning is you have use your language skill to make customers and clients more satisfied, so that they feel you and your company care about them.


While communicating with customers, it usually happens that in the process of making good relation with customers, we start sharing personal life stories. A professional customer service representative should keep depersonalization in mind while serving. The rules and regulations of the company should be maintained as a professional.


Patience is the most important virtue that is eagerly needed to have in a CSR. Those customer service agents who patient enough can grow their career very fast. Patience can also help us learn a lot of new things that you cannot learn, if you don’t have patience.

Other than the above mentioned skills there are many other skills that are required for being CSR but usually those skills comes through steady practice and real experiences.

How to Get Customer Service Training

To become a customer service representative it needs to know the basics of customer service. It also requires to have the proper practices of customer service jobs techniques. So as a newbie how can you get the customer service training online, this question arises right next.

Watch video tutorials on YouTube, go to YouTube and search videos for “Customer Service Training for Beginners”. You will find a lot of videos from various good YouTube channels. There is another option to get training from real professionals, for that follow the next paragraph.

Where to Get Professional Customer Service Training for Free

If you need to have the training free of cost then it seems very difficult to get good courses, it is not like that actually. You can take two very good and effective free online training on Customer Service on the following websites –

Alison: is providing free online Training on Customer Service which is indeed very effective and time worthy. It covers all the basics of customer service through techniques and practices. This course can help you become confident in handling communication, complaints and enquiries.

Many successful online customer service agents or representatives got trained through this free customer service training. Before participating into this course, check the course guidelines. The minimum educational qualification to get into this course is higher high secondary school.


You can get the certificate in a .pdf format, and for that you must study and complete all the four modules and score 80% or above in every module. But one thing should be mentioned here that there is a price to get the certificate. So my suggestion is to complete all the modules and score 80% or more but don’t buy it initially. Use your training to make money first then buy the certificate.

Understanding the Customer Service Representative Jobs Description

Before applying for jobs, please read and understand the customer service representative jobs description, it is very important because the job description varies from industry to industry though all are customer service jobs. Reading the CSR job description carefully will help understand whether the particular job suitable for you.

For instance, if you are educated or experienced customer service job related to telecommunication products and services. Now if you are applying for a customer service job that is related to cable TV products and services, then your experience is not worthy for it. Thus, always read and understand customer service representative jobs description properly to find out match with your experience.

Where to Get Customer Service Jobs Online

There are lots of websites who are claiming to providing online customer service jobs. The get most reliable online customer service jobs providers, you can browse the following freelancing jobs sites –

Amazon Jobs

Go to amazon jobs site and search for “virtual customer service” through the big search box. You will get hundreds of jobs related to virtual customer service. Amazon is been a very trusted site for all time.


On site, search for “customer service” in the search box and see the search result page to find circulars that could match your requirements. Freelancer is very trusted and one of the best freelance jobs provider. But before applying any job check the profile of that particular job submitter and all reviews that other freelancers wrote there.

After registering as a freelancer, complete your profile in good way that could help you get hired. Check for the profile of best paying customer service freelancer there to develop your profile.


Like freelancer Upwork is probably the best freelance jobs provider. The most trusted and effective site for both freelancers and employers. Visit Upwork and search for customer service in the search box. You will get the list of jobs. Here also don’t forget to check the profile of that particular job submitter and all reviews that other freelancers provided.

You have to register there as a freelancer, have to complete 100% of your profile. It is very strict about user information, so provide all true information to avoid any disapproval.

Guru is another most trusted freelance jobs provider. Search job there and find out what is suitable there for you. Register and complete your profile perfectly as well.

Other than the above said jobs provider, you can check Indeed and Flexjobs.

How Much Can You Earn

A large number of people are doing this job online specially those who have to stay at home. These customer service representative jobs usually pay $10 to $25 an hour. Sometimes it is $30+ an hour with better performance in dealing with customers. Sometimes it is very high if the customer service needs technical representatives who have to provide support on technical issues.

Final Talk

I wish for your success to become a professional online customer service jobs. If you found this post helpful in your way to get success, then that would be my success. Thanks for reading this post. Please feel free to write in the comment box to share your thoughts. Thanks again.

How to Become a Writer to Get Freelance Writer Jobs Online

How to Become a Writer to Get Freelance Writer Jobs Online

Writing has been a great profession for ages, from Stone Age to this Digital Age, nobody could stop writers to write their feelings and findings. Today writers write and the whole world read within hours for the sake of information technology. So the need to know how to become a writer is increasing day by day.

Today’s writers are writing for earning their living online, that is indeed a very impressive amount of money. You can also become a good writer to get online writer jobs only if you are dedicated and determined enough. This post will guide you through to know how to become a writer as a newbie.


Find Out What Kind of Writer You Are

Before choosing writing career, you need to understand the type of your writing ability. There are various types of writer who write online. Those types are as follows –

 1. Academic Writer

Academic Writers usually don’t write for making money. They write for scientific, school-university magazines or periodicals.

2. Business Writer

The readers for the business writing are highly educated with a high level of income. So the business writers should also have the writing ability that can make those business readers think the writing worth reading.

3. Content Writer

A generalist content writer can write about anything within the universe. Content writing jobs include web content writing, articles, white papers, social media contents, business papers, academic papers completing through making a sheer research. For web content writer it needs to keep in mind that the writing should be in a form that could drive traffic and make readers take actions.

4. Technical Writer

Technical writers are those who write on tech-related documentations, for example, writers on web developments, software developments, instructions manual for products or services, project plans, or any other technical subject matter. These type of writers also include space, aeronautics or robotics specialists.

5. News Writer

News writing is a special skill that should be gained first to become a news writer. Many experienced news reporters or journalists are collecting news reports and sell them to renowned publications through the internet.

6. Instructional Writer

Instructional writers write tutorials, test papers, online courses, textbooks etc. This type of writers are highly skilled and trained with education on particular demanded subjects. Instructional writers have good demand in this IT age, where everyone is relying on tutorials, courses being held on the internet.

7. Resume Writers

This is one of the most popular writer type, which has a very good demand in online writing job market. It needs to have MS Word skills and skills in Adobe InDesign can make your position outstanding. Almost everyone needs to write his or her resumes.


You know yourself better than anyone else on this planet. So try to find out what drives your craze to write and what you think you are really good at. This two answer may help you find out the type of online writer you are going to be soon.

Find Your Writing Niche Out

Just after choosing your writing category, the foremost task of becoming a successful writer is to have a session of brainstorming. It will help find out the exact niche that you are best for. For example, suppose you love to make punchline for humor and you are very good at making people laugh, then “humor” could be your niche to become a writer for. It is just an example, you can find your own niche just by brainstorming niches from which you have to select a good one.

How to Learn Writing

If you have never been a writer, even then you can be an online writer. It could take some time to get trained as a newbie, but definitely, you can be a good writer with training and practices.

Many online writers proved themselves good professional writers who started writing as a newbie. So if you want to become a writer online, then definitely try to train yourself. Who knows, you could prove yourself a successful writer.

1. Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorials on how to write like professionals. Go to YouTube, search and watch videos on writing tutorials. You can also watch very good tutorials on Udemy and Lynda.

Udemy and Lynda are providing very good tutorials on writing by the best writing professionals but of course, that comes with a price. So, if you don’t want to spend on video tutorials then look for professional YouTubers who are providing writing video tutorials.

2. Take Free Online Writer Training Course

It is always a good to take online writing training to build yourself as a formal writer. There are many paid online training providers but I would like to suggest you participate in the free training in writing.

If you want to be a content writer for the web, then you should check Open2Study, who are providing a free writing course on “Writing for the Web” which is very good at the beginning. First get trained through free training, work and make money then use your earned money on your improvement training.

Reading & Learning is Essential to Become a Good Writer

To become a good writer in any field it is required to gain the habit of reading. The good readers can be good speakers and writers are eventually speakers through written words. Readers’ brain collects millions of reading etiquettes than those of non-readers’. That means good readers have brains that are rich in information and knowledge.

Before writing on any topic try to collect information from good sources. Carefully read them as much as you can, image in your mind all that you have read so far and link them to what you need to write to start generating your own content.

Keep a Notebook to Write Ideas and Thoughts

Note taking is a very good tip for becoming a professional writer. Almost all the writer take notes of anything they think interesting about their writing into their notebook. For doing that it needs to carry a notebook all the time. Today’s writers are adopting different styles which include the use of smartphones, tablets, pads, digital notebooks etc. for taking notes. Whatever you are using to take notes, the key point is to write down things that come to mind to create a plot for your writings.

Build Your Portfolio

In simple word, Portfolio is a collection or compilation of materials that represents all your works, skills, educations, qualifications, training, experiences, thoughts and beliefs. A portfolio is very important for any writer to showcase the quality of your writing and what kind of writer you are.

Your portfolio should carry all your writing experiences with evidence and visual presentations. So for anyone who wants to hire you as a writer, will have a clear view of your writing career. This portfolio should be designed in a way that grabs the eyes of the employers or job providers.

1. Create a PDF Version of Your Portfolio

Create your Portfolio using Microsoft word and then save it as a PDF file to send it to your prospective employers or clients. Design a good cover page with eye-catching graphical presentations. Include everything into it that relates to your writing career.

2. Create a Video Portfolio

Also, create a video portfolio which has now a great demand in hiring online writers. Present yourself physically with formal dress up and express yourself in a very professional way. Try to shoot your video with proper background and surrounding that represents the environment of a writer. It could grab the first impression of your potential employers.

3. Creating and Hosting Your Portfolio Online

If you want to create your portfolio with your own domain name, then it is suggested to create with TLD (Top Leve Domain i.e. .com, .org, .info).But if you think that you cannot afford to buy a domain and hosting then go for free domain extensions i.e. .tk, .ml, .cf etc.

You can also use free hosting services with 000webhost for hosting your free or paid domain with setup WordPress CMS. Check how to create a website using free domain name and hosting. After installing WordPress CMS choose a theme designed for portfolio building.

You can also create your portfolio with WordPress, there you will be given a sub-domain e.g. “” which is also a very good idea at the beginning. When you will start with paid domain and hosting, just redirect the WordPress link with the permalinks to your new domain.

There is another website, Crevado who are providing nice services for creating and hosting your portfolio. Crevado is working only with portfolios, you should check their services. Many people love their services, but the free services are limited. So if you want your own freedom at the very beginning, then stick with the above-said process methods.

Build Your Social Media Presence

As a writer, you should maintain your presence on the social media platforms. Especially on Facebook, it is essential to create Page for your writing works. Share your works on social media pages and try to write some contents directly on your Facebook page. Social media fan page can introduce you to people spending time on social media and at the same time, it will increase the level of authenticity of your work online.

Where to Get  Freelance Writing Jobs or Gigs

If you are really interested in making a career as a writer, then consider the following websites for getting your online content-writing or copy-writing jobs –

How Much Can You Make/ Freelance Writing Salary

Writers are charging even $100+ per hour on Upwork. If you browse freelance writers on Upwork, you will find 27K+ both freelancers who are charging $60+ per hour. Even you will find writers on Upwork who already earned $700K+ till now. These are the views that how much could writers earn. You can have a close look at Upwork’s Best Freelance Writers.

At the beginning, the rate could be $10 to $30, which is the average freelancers’ rate per hour. There many other platforms where people are making $60K to $100K per year through writing. Many online writers say that the writers earning potential is unlimited.

Final Talk

This post is written with a purpose of helping people who want to how to become a writer online but do not know how to get onto it. Writing is a very good paid job category which creates dignity and brings respect from others. I will feel fulfilled if this post helps you even a bit. Please feel free to write in the comment box below, if you have anything to say. Thanks for reading…. Wish you to be wonderful and successful writer…


How to Become an Online Tutor & Get Online Tutoring Jobs

How to Become an Online Tutor & Get Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutor, if you haven’t heard about this job before, then get learned that these days, people are making a good sum of money doing online tutoring jobs. Online tutor is now one of the most popular jobs in this digitized age of Information Technology. But many of us do not know how to become an online tutor.

People are switching to online jobs from traditional 8 hours office job with an annoying boss. Why? Because this job can give you the freedom not only with your work style and hours but also with your earnings per week or per month. This post will guide to become an online tutor using your academic qualifications and experiences.


How Much Can You Earn as Online Tutor

Being online tutor you can earn money with a range of $20 to even $50. But for this tutoring job, you should have specific academic certifications to participate. This online tutoring jobs can make you $600 to $800 per week and $3.4K+/Month. Want to know how? Then let’s proceed…

Many people are working for 30 to 40 hours on working days only per week at a rate of $20/hr. So the income for 40 hours per week is ($20 X 40) = $800 and that counts the income per month is ($800 X 4.35 Weeks) = $3,480, which is a very good amount of money. This is why most of the educated people are now working as online tutors rather doing 8 am to 5 pm jobs.

Educational Requirements for Becoming an Online Teacher

As it is fairly known that education requirements and preparation are needed to become an online tutor. For this you don’t have to think much, you can easily find out your specialty or major of your graduation or post-graduation. Whatever your subject is, try to become a tutor on that as you are already trained on that academically. You can find out more about the Educational requirement to become an online tutor at

Designing Your Course Materials

As a good online teacher, you should have good preparation through the use of media and word formatting technology. Sort out all the topics that you are going to teach online, then carefully design them as online course materials.

1. Create Video Tutorials

In today’s world, video tutorials are accepted by everyone, and students love video tutorials. Video tutorials should be created to help your student to understand what you teach them. By creating proper video tutorials, you can earn from Udemy. In Udemy you have to follow and maintain their rules and regulations while making video tutorials.

2. Write E-Books with Your Course Materials

Write an electronic book or e-book for your students, providing the details on the topic of what they are learning from you. It should cover all the lessons of your topic. Write it with a very simple language format that can be easily understood.

E-book has got tremendous popularity for the convenience of carrying it in Smartphone, Kindle, Tabs, Notebooks or any other handheld devices. People love to read e-books during travel.

3. Presentation Slides

You might have already been using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for your students. If you are not, then you should start creating slideshow presentations. It is a very effective way to elaborate any topic through words, graphics, videos, charts etc. There are lots of PowerPoint Templates free to use. Select from those templates to create your own eye-catching presentation slides.

4. Create Infographics, Charts Etc.

Infographic is a very nice way to express anything easily. It has been being used by a lot, in educational institutions to demonstrate and elaborate the academic concepts. If you serve infographics to your students they will feel confident with study when you are teaching them.

Sometimes charts are also helpful to express numerical values through graphics. So, arrange all the materials that are needed to create an infographic, then go to Pictochart or Infogram, register there and start creating infographics.

Understand the Curriculum Properly

Before teaching any student on the subject you are good at, carefully read and understand the curriculum first. If you are not getting the right view of what you have to teach, your student will plunge into uncertainty.

So always become familiar with the curriculum that your students are willing to learn. Whenever any student is asking for tuition, ask them to provide the curriculum first, to get a clear understanding of what you have to teach them. If you are not clear with the understanding of the curriculum, then ask your student for a detailed curriculum that can express in broad.

Self-Promotional Activities

To promote your online tutoring profession, use all kinds of social media and information technologies to connect people to find your potential students. It is also great for creating a formal image in the minds of the students.

1. Create Fan Page on Social Media

Create pages as an author or teacher on Facebook and Twitter for your fans or students. Share posts on this page on a regular basis, the posts should be helpful and interesting to know about. Then people will start sharing your posts with their friends and networks.

2. Webinar Arrangement is needed for Success

A webinar is essential these days, as people love these webinar sessions. If you don’t know what webinar is, then get learned that webinar is kind of events held on the internet usually for educational or instructional live presentation.

In a webinar, there is active presence of physical audiences who are trying to learn something from it. It is similar to live chat, usually teachers or mentors these days are holding webinar sessions with students and also answering the questions of the students live. To become a successful online tutor you should use Facebook and YouTube for arranging webinars.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Online Tutor

To become a successful online tutor you should maintain few policies that have the power to prove you a very sincere and responsible mentor. This recognition is very important for online tutors because you know that internet is full of spammers and fake people. So the following few things needs to be performed to ensure the trust in minds of the students.

1. Confirm Your Availability

Make your students feel that you are always there for them to learn the lessons. Just teaching them and supplying materials are not all. You have to make students feel that whatever learning issues they find, you will be available to help solve them.

If you cannot ensure your availability to students then your online tutoring career is not going to develop much. Thus, make proper communication with your students through not only text or voice chat but also through video chat.

2. Make Learning a Fun Activity

Think about your study days, how much fun learning activities did you find in your teachers’ lectures in school, college or university. If you can create an online environment for your students that can make them feel learning as a fun activity, then they would definitely get motivated into the study and will be more attentive. Many students found learning hard and annoying because of the way they are learning it. That is why many students think their study as a session of mental torture.

3. Encourage Students to Study with Real Life Thinking

Education that you are going to provide should be in a way that encourages students to think widely, analyze them with real-life situations, debate and discuss on regular basis. Teach your students to get ready for the real world situations, not only for passing exams. This is the sign of great teachers that will make your student remember you through the whole of his or her life. Probably this could make your students promote your online teaching profession as well.

Suppose you are providing lessons on how to write a business letter. You distributed them some real good sample business letters. Then you explain to them how to think while writing those letters. Now after you completed the lesson if they are not able to write a letter on an issue totally different from the sample issue of letters then it is not a sign of good learning. So after completing every lesson, there should be proper feedback taking sessions to confirm that your students are learning properly.

4. Understanding Your Students’ Pace of Study

Among many students we often find that each everyone is different in learning lessons. Some students are very active and highly motivated with their study. They have a fast pace of learning while there are many students are not that fast in learning. So it is very important to track their performance record and feedback. Customize the style of study with students individually to make them feel that you are the perfect mentor for them.

5. Share Your Own Learning Experiences

Everyone passes through the student life, which gathers a lot of experiences on learning. Share your experiences with your students, how you found your lessons while you were a student. Tell them those real experiences like story-telling.

Share those experiences that will encourage them to get more attentive and motivated. If they find that you were also facing the same issues that they are facing then they will get the courage to dedicate themselves to study.

6. Teach Students How to Learn from Materials You Provided

There are teachers who are providing learning materials such as handouts, word files, PowerPoint slides, pdf files but don’t tell the students how to study them to learn properly with ease. If you are supplying course material to students for learning then tell them how to read them to learn and understand properly. It should be told to students that learning materials are provided to study and understand them to do real research.

7. Outcomes and Feedback

Get the result of what your students have learned through taking quizzes, setting them with assignments. An assignment is an amazing method of both developing students with the real-life situation and getting how well they are learning the lessons.

Besides for your betterment, take feedback from your students on tuition at the end. Make a questionnaire feedback form, ask your students to fill out with honest answers. This will ensure the consistency in quality teaching and professionalism.

Where to Find Online Tutoring Jobs

To get an online tutoring job you can register yourself as online tutor on the following websites to get jobs –

Final Talk

The intention to write this post is to help those people who are eagerly willing to become an online tutor but don’t know how to become an online tutor. I will feel fulfilled you find it even a bit helpful to set a successful online tutoring career. Please feel free to write in the comment box below, if you have anything to share with us. Thanks for reading. Wish you a very successful life ahead.

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How to Become a Graphic Designer to Get Graphic Designing Jobs

How to Become a Graphic Designer to Get Graphic Designing Jobs

Generally graphic designers are earning more than other types of general freelancers. As graphic designers have huge demand for the increasing numbers of online workers and bloggers. Everyone needs graphics or visuals for their web contents, written document to demonstrate, for presentation, or for visual expression of any message. So it is very crucial for newbies to know how to become a graphic designer to get jobs.


Graphic Designing Salary – How Much Can You Earn

As it is a technical work type, so the designer get the chance to earn a lot of money creating raster or vector graphics. Especially the vector graphic designers can earn more than other designers. Vector designs includes logo or brand designing which needs a lot of things to keep in mind. So they can demand more pricing for their work or service.

According to the level of experience, the amount of money they earn per hour varies. Many good designers are working only taking projects from clients, who are sometimes earning $1K+ or even more on accomplishment.

How to Learn Graphic Designing as a Newbie

If you are a beginner or you don’t know anything about raster or vector designing then how can you get graphic designing jobs, this question comes into mind. But don’t panic, there is always a way where there is a will. So if you have strong will to become a digital designer then let me tell you few easy steps to become a designer.

Setup Vector Designing Software

As everyone knows that for vector designing Adobe Illustrator is the most recognized and acceptable one. But it comes with a price that cannot be afforded by everyone. If you already have that paid version of Adobe Illustrator then it’s a plus for you.

However, even if you don’t have that paid version of Adobe Illustrator, there is no need to worry about. You can use “Inkscape” which is an open source vector graphic designing software.

Setup Raster Graphic Editor

If it comes to make designs raster graphics, then definitely Adobe Photoshop comes into mind as the most popular application. Photoshop CS6 and its later versions are most used software that Graphic designers love to use. It is best for photo manipulation tasks. But like the Adobe Illustrator, it also comes for a price.

If you cannot afford to buy Adobe Photoshop then you can start using open source raster image editors. In all the raster image editors the most popular is the GIMP one for photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. Many open source graphics designers prefer to use both GIMP and Krita.

How to Learn to Use These Software

The best way to learn how to use these vector and raster graphic software, to watch video tutorials with doing proper practices. With the help of the video tutorials you can learn the techniques starting from beginner levels to mastery levels.

On YouTube there are many channels working on making tutorials for graphic designers. On YouTube you don’t have to pay for learning, but for other best ones you may need to pay for doing their courses.

You can opt for paid courses to learn graphic designing courses. In that case I would like to recommend, or as they the most proficient and popular digital education field.

Showcasing Your Design through Portfolio

Every designers who are designing as professionals should maintain a design portfolio. There are lots of free sub-domain based blogger sites, where you can create your design portfolio. This portfolio is very important for designers to showcase their designing skills to their clients.

It is very crucial to remember one thing as a designer, you and your name is going be a design brand. After you start making money through creative designing, buy your own domain and hosting to create your portfolio website. At the beginning, Fiverr is a best options for any designers to start for free to both showcase and hunt clients.

You can also create your portfolio on with a free subdomain.

Create and Maintain Social Media Pages

In this digital world it is very important to be oriented properly with social media sites like the following ones –


Create a Facebook page on your name or the name of your business you want. Share posts on it on a regular basis, and keep yourself active on it. Share your Designs on your FB page. Send request to your friends to like your page through which you will get a lot of fans at the beginning, which is very crucial.


Twitter is good to get followers easily. Create a Twitter business page with the same name you created your Facebook page. There you have to be active daily to tweet, retweet, like to organically increase the followers of your Twitter follower. Twitter is always a good place to get a lot of followers from who there could be your potential clients.


I love the platform of Pinterest. It an amazing platform to share anything and their process of pinning items is awesome. I always use Pinterest Page for all my business. If you are already been using Pinterest then probably you know how good it could be for designers to showcase their arts.

Other than above social media, you can also maintain pages for Instagram, Tumblr, Stumble-upon etc. as they have a lot of regular users.

Where to Find Design Jobs

There are lots of designing jobs or gigs sites but not all of them are reliable and legit. It is suggested to find design gigs or jobs or projects on the following websites –

How to Start Getting Work as a Newbie

As a newbie start with participation in the design competitions on See all previous designing winners, their works, try to find out what made them stand out of others.

Search ongoing design competition that best suits your experience or skill so far. Read the instruction of the employer or competition provider and follow them perfectly to get your design into consideration list.

I would feel great if you found this post useful to know how to become a graphic designer. You may also like to read How to Get Selected for Freelance Jobs.

Best Freelancing Sites for Jobs

Best Freelancing Sites for Jobs

In the new era of online freelancing jobs, the number of freelance jobs seekers and providers increasing day by day. The ease and comfort in getting work and making money online have dramatically raises the demand of freelancing work online.


Freelancing Sites For Everyone

First of all, the question arises – “Who can work as online freelancers?”, the answer is almost anyone who has skills in writing, digital designing, software/web developing, web designing, data entry, moderation, transcription, video editing, database management etc. Moreover if you are interested to make an online money making career then you should know the ways of making money online free without investing a single penny.

If you are a student then you are suggested to read online jobs for college students, so that you can create a combo money-making system for life. Here on this post only the best freelancing sites are described where there are jobs for almost everyone according to the types of works.


Freelancer is the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace with 22+ million registered freelancers and freelancers globally form 247 countries. 11+ million jobs posted so far. It also claims that $1+ billion worth of work is being done annually.

If you want to prove yourself through participating into competitions then you should choose for finding your gigs or works. This contests or competitions are the way to get famous and get more jobs from clients.


You might have heard about two leading freelancing sites – Elance and oDesk who combined to form Upwork platform in 2014. This is the largest freelance network with 12+ million registered freelancers and 5+ million registered clients with 3+ million annually posted jobs. It also claims that $1+ billion worth of work is getting done annually.

Now you can imagine how big and popular Upwork is and here anyone can join as freelancer or employer. After signing up at Upwork don’t forget to complete your profile as it increases chances to get jobs. Also take part into tests and try to pass successfully which will strengthen your profile to get jobs easily.

Upwork actually is a freelance platform for almost everyone. Clients are offering a variety of works here and almost everyone has the opportunity to get the job even he or she is a new comer.

People Per Hour

People per hour is a good growing freelancing site with 1.5+ million registered users and posted 100+ million jobs. It has its global presence in 89 countries so far. Xenios Thrasyvoulou found PeoplePerHour in 2007.

Here you will find different types of works such as writing, graphic designing, SEO, software development, web development, business support, marketing, search marketing, social media, translation etc.

The different thing over here is their WorkStream tool which controls all your work related communications, management and payments.

OnceSpace (Previously Known as CrowdSource)

Onespace which was previously known as Crowdsource, tests their freelancers before set them on real works. After completing the registration form it will ask you to connect your PayPal account. The next step is to pass the test that every freelancer goes through.

The quality control team ensures the quality of the works. They provide video tutorials on editing and viewing profile, creating account, finding work, completing tasks etc for freelancers to perform better. The underperforming workers are set to provide training again before assigning future tasks.

The variety of work here are copy-writing, moderation, data and transcriptions. Their growth in this multi-billion dollar industry is very impressive. Their completed tasks got 730% growth since 2008.

Guru was founded in 1998 by Inder Guglani in Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is a freelance job platform for almost everybody. You will find here works on Designing-art-multimedia, web developing, software, writing, sales & marketing, management, finance, legal and many more.

After signing in there, you will have your Work Room to keep everything on track. You will get all the professional support to set your milestone and task, communicate with employers, payment scheduling.

You don’t have to worry about the payment as is using SafePay method, where the employers pays to before the work begins and pays freelancers when employers approves your works.


Speedlancer is actually believes in speed work accomplishment. They commit to complete the tasks of the clients within 4 hours of the task acceptance. This shows a different approach where the time frame is a promise. This is their competitive advantage within the industry.

Speedlancer is a challenging platform for freelancers where they can earn a very good amount in a short time. For clients there is an option to order custom tasks if they are not okay with the predetermined tasks.

Usually clients who have very short period of time to get their tasks done, are very satisfied with Speedlancer services.

Freelancing Sites for Designers and Developers

The works of  digital designers, software – web developers have high demand in the online digital market has created some online platforms where designers and developers can get all kind of digital designing, web developing, software developing, transcribing etc. The following are the best of those websites where you can find your next work or assignment online.


Toptal is one of the best freelancing sites especially for Graphic Designers, Web Developers and/or finance experts. They work with top brands like Axel Springer, J.P.Morgan, KDDI America, Airbnb, Zendesk, Fusionlab, Designkitchen etc. So Toptal always have great flow of projects and works for its freelancers.

They only take the top of the best talented people as freelancer. From the thousands of applications Toptal selects less than 3%. They want to serve those small or large businesses who are facing challenges to find top talents to accomplish their projects and works.

Their screening tests includes 5 steps to complete.

  • Language and Personality Test
  • In-Depth Skill Review
  • Live Screening
  • Test Projects
  • Continued Excellence

Check the Screening Test Details.

After selection you can choose whether you want to work part-time or full time and you can choose your own hourly rate.

99 Designs

99designs is the one of the largest graphic design based freelance platforms with more than a million talented designers. This unique design marketplace formed from the friendly graphics designing competition of sitepoint forum in 2008. This is the platform to give talented designers get their clients and show their works to the world. Even if you are a newbie in graphic designing you can easily get payments thorugh winning competition that are accepting newbies.

In this designing platform you can search work or projects, see the description, demand, payment and deadline of the projects. Whenever you complete a job or gig, the client will choose the best designs from two or three versions of your mockups and you will get your payment.

DesignCrowd is especially for designers to find their jobs from clients. It is one of the most popular design related freelance job sites where there are 5.5K+ top Graphic Designers. They completed 39+ million design projects and contests so far. The work categories of designing are Logo Design, Web Design, Brochure Design, Banner Ad Design, Flyer Design, T-Shirt Design, Stationary Design etc.

crowdSPRING: Best for Freelance Designers

If you are a creative person then you should definitely have a look on crowdSPRING freelancing site. They are mainly based on creative projects by graphic designers, web designers. Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson created this site to help meet all the creative people with the people looking for creative talents.

The major work categories of crowdSPRING gigs are Logo Designing, Small Website, Print Design and Company Naming. There are also business content related jobs but mainly they are focusing on creative works.

They have more than 198,000 registered designers and writers around the world. Successfully completed 51,542 projects with average 93+ entries per projects. You can join there for free, they will take a small percentage of your earnings.