How to Create a Free Website – Using Free Domain Name and Hosting

Website or blogging is essential and is being demanded by everyone. The reason can be for having a portfolio for designer, can have online shop, personal blogging, educational purposes, for having the online presence for specific group and people. But not everyone wants to spend on website or blogging through buying a domain name and hosting plan. That does not mean that there is no answer to the question “How to create a free website with free domain and free hosting services?”.

If you are one of them who want to know, how to open a free website with free hosing using free domain name then you are exactly on the right page. You will get to know how to register free domain names (such as .tk .ml .cf .ga .gq).

If you already have a domain name registered then you would need to know how to host that domain for free. If you are really serious about your online presence and its security or if your are planning for online business or shopping platform where there could be online transactions, then I think you should go for paid domain name and hosting plan.

For that you can check How to Open Paid Website with Hosting Plan. But if you just want your website or web presence just for sharing your thoughts, ideas, designs, stories, portfolios for which you are not expecting huge traffic initially then you should go for this free method.

You can also create this free website for using your referral links and landing pages to run your authority marketing. In that case it is strongly suggested to use a top level domain (TLD) name such .com .net or .org and you can host them on free hosting services initially. Without having a top level domain (TLD) many affiliate network will not accept your registration to become their affiliate.

Lets go for those following steps to register a free domain name and host them on free hosting services.

Step 1: Get free domain name

Go to, register there and you will find domain name checking box. You can sign in with your facebook, google+ or live account.

Freenom Client Area Page Image

Once you complete registration go to the services menu and select Register New Domain.

Freenom Create New Domain Menu Image

On New Domain Register Page you write your preferred name in that box and click on check availability. Here you will get availability of your preferred name with the free .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq. If you are satisfied with the result and you have chosen one of the available ones, then click on the get it now button to register that domain with your Freenom account.

Freenom Result for Available domain names Image

It is always suggested to read Freenom terms and conditions  and Registration Agreement FREE Domains before taking all their services.

After completing the free domain name registration you can host it on Freenom ManageGoSite features. But if you want to how to create a free website with WordPress, Joomla etc. then follow the Free Hosting Step below.

Step 2: Get Free Hosting for Your Free or Premium Domain

There are many free web hosting platform available. here we talked about only the two most popular free web hosting below –

000WebHost is one of the most leading free webhosting service providers with which you can host two domains with 1000 mb or 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of Traffic or Bandwidth. They provide subdomains for those who don’t have any registered domain name. You are allowed to open two MySQL databases.

Features of Free Hosting plan:

  • Storage: 1000 MB.
  • Bandwidth: 10 GB.
  • Number of Website to Host: 2
  • MySQL Databases: 2 databases.
  • Email: POP3 Accounts, Webmail, Spam Protection, Mail Fordwarding, IMAP Support, Modify MX Entry.
  • FTP Support: Yes.
  • Auto Installer: 1 Click Installer
  • Website builder: Easy to use Free Website Builder with hundreds of templates.
  • Advertisements: No Ads or Banner.
  • Your Ads: Allowed
  • Control Panel: Yes

Features of Free Hosting plan:

  • Storage: 1 GB.
  • Bandwidth: 5 GB.
  • Domain: 1 Free domain
  • Subdomain: 3 subdomains.
  • MySQL Databases1 MySQL(v.5) Database
  • Email: 1 Email(IMAP, POP3), Webmail
  • FTP accounts: 1 account.
  • Auto Installer: Joomla and WordPress installer.
  • Advertisements: 100% No Ads.

Choose any one of the above free hosting services and click on their web links to visit the site. Register a free account there with your email address.

Use any of the provided auto installer option to set up your site. I suggest you to use wordpress as for its easy to use feature.

Very Important to Know:

Following the steps of how to create a free website is good at the beginning of your blogging career. Please be informed that if you are serious about blogging and creating a website for personal or even business purpose then Top Level Domain (TLD) and Premium web hosting services are strongly suggested. Top Level Domain will also help you to improve the SEO of your website.

Please leave a comment about how you found this post or if you have anything to say or if you want to share something. Thanks.


M Riadul Mazid (MRM)

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