How to Approach to Get Selected for Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn living in today’s world. Many people are working on various leading freelancing jobs sites such as UpWork, Not everyone is able to get the jobs applied. Now it is required to know how to get selected for freelance jobs. Every successful freelancer follows few things strictly to become succeeded –

  • They write their proposal in a way that a client will never say “no”.
  • They provide quality service that is more than the clients’ expectation, they always give a little
  • They keep their commitment and become reliable to clients.
  • They keep their professionalism and always care about their clients.

To follow these above-said points, you have to set up approaches to hunting your freelance jobs. Those approaches are discussed below –

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Always Read Full Job Description

Most of the freelancers don’t read the full description of the job posting. If a client is looking for quality services from a freelancer then definitely he has specific requirements to get fulfilled. Reading the full job description is the first step that will help you to know how to get selected for freelance jobs.

So to understand the clients’ need it is very useful to read the whole job description. It can also help find out the keywords that need to include into the proposal.

For example, many clients include some special keywords at the end of the description that he urges to include in the letter of proposal. That means if you didn’t read the full then you wouldn’t be able to include the given keyword into your proposal.

This is usually a trick that many clients use to get to know who read the full description to understand his or her requirements.

So reading the full job description and writing the proposal accordingly can help you get on the short list of selection.

Write Focused Proposal for Every Applied Job Instead of Copying and Pasting

Every job’s description is different from others in terms of requirements, types, clients, needs, outcomes. So never set your mind to just copy and pasting the proposal from your previous applied jobs proposals.

Proposal or cover letter is the key to get into the mind of the clients. In 90% cases, the proposal is the determiner whether an applicant will be selected. The proposal is the first representation of the applicant to the client. An impressive and properly written proposal always wins the job.

Some people think that it needs to be the first to apply for the job and make a fast proposal by copy and pasting it from the previous one. Please don’t fool yourself, the client will pay for the jobs so of course will find out the person for the job.

So, it is better to think your client smart enough rather than thinking client an idiot or fool. This market is very competitive and there are lots of freelancers applying for a single job.

The clients will find out the perfect person for the job from the many proposals he gets. Hence you should think about writing a perfect proposal for every job you are applying for.

Ask Yourself How Much You Know About Respective Client

It is very important to know your client before applying for the job. Please think, placing yourself in the client’s shoes. If you were a client, how would you feel if the applicants were addressing you by your first name? Of course, you would feel better and it would personalize the proposal to stand out of the crowd.

In almost every case applicants got a reply if they are mentioning the first name of the client. The client gets a first view of the applicant or the freelancer that he or she bothered to study about the client.

Always Represent Yourself with Good Communication Skill

Communication skill is a very important factor while getting prepared to become a successful freelancer. Every client wants someone whose communication skill is good to work with the projects.

So the cover letter or the proposal is the first approach to let the client know about the level of communication. Please write your proposal in a way that can communicate the client properly and can make him or her start relying on you.

Proofread your cover letter or proposal before submitting. Double check everything in the proposal such as grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. You should not let your client find out any mistake from your writings.

Apply For the Right Job

Apply for the right job, what does that mean? Suppose you are a Web Designer, not a Web Developer, but you are applying for web developing job, this is completely wrong. If you are both web designer and web developer then it is fine.

Many freelancers don’t even read the job category before applying. For example, a copywriter is applying for a logo designing job. How come a copywriter can apply for brand identity designing?

A copywriter should apply for a copywriting or blog writing job. A logo designer or brand identity Designer should apply for logo or brand identity designing jobs.

Boasting or Bragging Too Much is Not Good for Reputation

In the proposal or cover letter, you should not boast or brag too much. Many freelancers boast too much thinking that will create a good image in the mind of the client. It was been found that the first 8 sentences of 12 sentences of the cover letter, were bragging or boasting.

But to be honest, the cover letter is not for boasting, here after two sentences of boasting you should explain how you think about the job, what is your approach to the job, in which way you can serve better than others.

Profile and Portfolio should be the tools to boast or brag properly which should include everything about yourself. So brag in profile rather than in a cover letter. Your client will find your profile if he likes your approach to the work in cover letter or proposal.

Completed Profile – Portfolio

The profile should be 100% completed if possible. The information included should be clear and polished so that the client can get a good idea of your skills and quality of services.

Please don’t forget to include your work samples in your portfolio. This is very important as the client will assess them before hiring a freelancer.

Sort and arrange all your profile information in such a way that any client will want to talk to you.

Take Skill Tests to Improve Profile

Take skill tests as many as you can to improve and strengthen your profile. Take online courses from online free universities like, get new skills and include them in your freelance profile.

If you have any certification on any special training or skills then include them in your profile. Even skills that you acquired through self-training, include them.

Profile Photo Matters

The profile photo is a very important thing to consider if you want to win your clients. Many freelancers are using various kinds of stock photos as their profile picture. Some are using vector objects photo as a profile picture.

Please do understand one thing, that profile picture should be one that is representing the real you. Moreover, your photo with a smile would make more lively to the clients. It also represents the freelancer’s personality which is very crucial in case of hunting jobs.

If you are intending to become a freelancer who will work with various clients, where you will work for them as their co-workers or colleague and you know how coworkers represent themselves to each other in case of photos. It should be a friendly photo representing the real freelancer who is going to work with.

Pricing Your Service or Work Carefully

Selecting your rate of work per hour is a very crucial thing to consider. You should charge a reasonable amount for any proposed work. Don’t charge way too low or high. Suppose your client has set the price for a given job within a range of $150 to $300, where the minimum price the client set is $150. So don’t offer lower than $150.

I saw many freelancers are offering lower than the minimum amount set by the client. They usually do that because they think the client will hire him or her for a lower price. But it can ruin your reputation and the client may think about your quality of work with a very low price.

Hence it is better to set a reasonable rate within the range if there is any. The price should not be way too low.

Final Talk

Whenever you are applying for a job on freelancing jobs hub, remember above-described points to apply to your cover letter or proposal. I wrote this post to help all the freelancers who are struggling to get freelance jobs online.

If you like this post or if I could do a little help to let you know how to get selected for freelance jobs to improve freelance career, then I would be glad to be a part of your success. If you want to share anything or if you want to suggest anything about the post, then please feel free to write in the comment box below. I wish you a successful freelancing career.

Thanks for reading the post and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and networks.

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