How to Become a Graphic Designer to Get Graphic Designing Jobs

Generally graphic designers are earning more than other types of general freelancers. As graphic designers have huge demand for the increasing numbers of online workers and bloggers. Everyone needs graphics or visuals for their web contents, written document to demonstrate, for presentation, or for visual expression of any message. So it is very crucial for newbies to know how to become a graphic designer to get jobs.


Graphic Designing Salary – How Much Can You Earn

As it is a technical work type, so the designer get the chance to earn a lot of money creating raster or vector graphics. Especially the vector graphic designers can earn more than other designers. Vector designs includes logo or brand designing which needs a lot of things to keep in mind. So they can demand more pricing for their work or service.

According to the level of experience, the amount of money they earn per hour varies. Many good designers are working only taking projects from clients, who are sometimes earning $1K+ or even more on accomplishment.

How to Learn Graphic Designing as a Newbie

If you are a beginner or you don’t know anything about raster or vector designing then how can you get graphic designing jobs, this question comes into mind. But don’t panic, there is always a way where there is a will. So if you have strong will to become a digital designer then let me tell you few easy steps to become a designer.

Setup Vector Designing Software

As everyone knows that for vector designing Adobe Illustrator is the most recognized and acceptable one. But it comes with a price that cannot be afforded by everyone. If you already have that paid version of Adobe Illustrator then it’s a plus for you.

However, even if you don’t have that paid version of Adobe Illustrator, there is no need to worry about. You can use “Inkscape” which is an open source vector graphic designing software.

Setup Raster Graphic Editor

If it comes to make designs raster graphics, then definitely Adobe Photoshop comes into mind as the most popular application. Photoshop CS6 and its later versions are most used software that Graphic designers love to use. It is best for photo manipulation tasks. But like the Adobe Illustrator, it also comes for a price.

If you cannot afford to buy Adobe Photoshop then you can start using open source raster image editors. In all the raster image editors the most popular is the GIMP one for photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. Many open source graphics designers prefer to use both GIMP and Krita.

How to Learn to Use These Software

The best way to learn how to use these vector and raster graphic software, to watch video tutorials with doing proper practices. With the help of the video tutorials you can learn the techniques starting from beginner levels to mastery levels.

On YouTube there are many channels working on making tutorials for graphic designers. On YouTube you don’t have to pay for learning, but for other best ones you may need to pay for doing their courses.

You can opt for paid courses to learn graphic designing courses. In that case I would like to recommend, or as they the most proficient and popular digital education field.

Showcasing Your Design through Portfolio

Every designers who are designing as professionals should maintain a design portfolio. There are lots of free sub-domain based blogger sites, where you can create your design portfolio. This portfolio is very important for designers to showcase their designing skills to their clients.

It is very crucial to remember one thing as a designer, you and your name is going be a design brand. After you start making money through creative designing, buy your own domain and hosting to create your portfolio website. At the beginning, Fiverr is a best options for any designers to start for free to both showcase and hunt clients.

You can also create your portfolio on with a free subdomain.

Create and Maintain Social Media Pages

In this digital world it is very important to be oriented properly with social media sites like the following ones –


Create a Facebook page on your name or the name of your business you want. Share posts on it on a regular basis, and keep yourself active on it. Share your Designs on your FB page. Send request to your friends to like your page through which you will get a lot of fans at the beginning, which is very crucial.


Twitter is good to get followers easily. Create a Twitter business page with the same name you created your Facebook page. There you have to be active daily to tweet, retweet, like to organically increase the followers of your Twitter follower. Twitter is always a good place to get a lot of followers from who there could be your potential clients.


I love the platform of Pinterest. It an amazing platform to share anything and their process of pinning items is awesome. I always use Pinterest Page for all my business. If you are already been using Pinterest then probably you know how good it could be for designers to showcase their arts.

Other than above social media, you can also maintain pages for Instagram, Tumblr, Stumble-upon etc. as they have a lot of regular users.

Where to Find Design Jobs

There are lots of designing jobs or gigs sites but not all of them are reliable and legit. It is suggested to find design gigs or jobs or projects on the following websites –

How to Start Getting Work as a Newbie

As a newbie start with participation in the design competitions on See all previous designing winners, their works, try to find out what made them stand out of others.

Search ongoing design competition that best suits your experience or skill so far. Read the instruction of the employer or competition provider and follow them perfectly to get your design into consideration list.

I would feel great if you found this post useful to know how to become a graphic designer. You may also like to read How to Get Selected for Freelance Jobs.


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