How to Become an Online Tutor & Get Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutor, if you haven’t heard about this job before, then get learned that these days, people are making a good sum of money doing online tutoring jobs. Online tutor is now one of the most popular jobs in this digitized age of Information Technology. But many of us do not know how to become an online tutor.

People are switching to online jobs from traditional 8 hours office job with an annoying boss. Why? Because this job can give you the freedom not only with your work style and hours but also with your earnings per week or per month. This post will guide to become an online tutor using your academic qualifications and experiences.


How Much Can You Earn as Online Tutor

Being online tutor you can earn money with a range of $20 to even $50. But for this tutoring job, you should have specific academic certifications to participate. This online tutoring jobs can make you $600 to $800 per week and $3.4K+/Month. Want to know how? Then let’s proceed…

Many people are working for 30 to 40 hours on working days only per week at a rate of $20/hr. So the income for 40 hours per week is ($20 X 40) = $800 and that counts the income per month is ($800 X 4.35 Weeks) = $3,480, which is a very good amount of money. This is why most of the educated people are now working as online tutors rather doing 8 am to 5 pm jobs.

Educational Requirements for Becoming an Online Teacher

As it is fairly known that education requirements and preparation are needed to become an online tutor. For this you don’t have to think much, you can easily find out your specialty or major of your graduation or post-graduation. Whatever your subject is, try to become a tutor on that as you are already trained on that academically. You can find out more about the Educational requirement to become an online tutor at

Designing Your Course Materials

As a good online teacher, you should have good preparation through the use of media and word formatting technology. Sort out all the topics that you are going to teach online, then carefully design them as online course materials.

1. Create Video Tutorials

In today’s world, video tutorials are accepted by everyone, and students love video tutorials. Video tutorials should be created to help your student to understand what you teach them. By creating proper video tutorials, you can earn from Udemy. In Udemy you have to follow and maintain their rules and regulations while making video tutorials.

2. Write E-Books with Your Course Materials

Write an electronic book or e-book for your students, providing the details on the topic of what they are learning from you. It should cover all the lessons of your topic. Write it with a very simple language format that can be easily understood.

E-book has got tremendous popularity for the convenience of carrying it in Smartphone, Kindle, Tabs, Notebooks or any other handheld devices. People love to read e-books during travel.

3. Presentation Slides

You might have already been using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for your students. If you are not, then you should start creating slideshow presentations. It is a very effective way to elaborate any topic through words, graphics, videos, charts etc. There are lots of PowerPoint Templates free to use. Select from those templates to create your own eye-catching presentation slides.

4. Create Infographics, Charts Etc.

Infographic is a very nice way to express anything easily. It has been being used by a lot, in educational institutions to demonstrate and elaborate the academic concepts. If you serve infographics to your students they will feel confident with study when you are teaching them.

Sometimes charts are also helpful to express numerical values through graphics. So, arrange all the materials that are needed to create an infographic, then go to Pictochart or Infogram, register there and start creating infographics.

Understand the Curriculum Properly

Before teaching any student on the subject you are good at, carefully read and understand the curriculum first. If you are not getting the right view of what you have to teach, your student will plunge into uncertainty.

So always become familiar with the curriculum that your students are willing to learn. Whenever any student is asking for tuition, ask them to provide the curriculum first, to get a clear understanding of what you have to teach them. If you are not clear with the understanding of the curriculum, then ask your student for a detailed curriculum that can express in broad.

Self-Promotional Activities

To promote your online tutoring profession, use all kinds of social media and information technologies to connect people to find your potential students. It is also great for creating a formal image in the minds of the students.

1. Create Fan Page on Social Media

Create pages as an author or teacher on Facebook and Twitter for your fans or students. Share posts on this page on a regular basis, the posts should be helpful and interesting to know about. Then people will start sharing your posts with their friends and networks.

2. Webinar Arrangement is needed for Success

A webinar is essential these days, as people love these webinar sessions. If you don’t know what webinar is, then get learned that webinar is kind of events held on the internet usually for educational or instructional live presentation.

In a webinar, there is active presence of physical audiences who are trying to learn something from it. It is similar to live chat, usually teachers or mentors these days are holding webinar sessions with students and also answering the questions of the students live. To become a successful online tutor you should use Facebook and YouTube for arranging webinars.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Online Tutor

To become a successful online tutor you should maintain few policies that have the power to prove you a very sincere and responsible mentor. This recognition is very important for online tutors because you know that internet is full of spammers and fake people. So the following few things needs to be performed to ensure the trust in minds of the students.

1. Confirm Your Availability

Make your students feel that you are always there for them to learn the lessons. Just teaching them and supplying materials are not all. You have to make students feel that whatever learning issues they find, you will be available to help solve them.

If you cannot ensure your availability to students then your online tutoring career is not going to develop much. Thus, make proper communication with your students through not only text or voice chat but also through video chat.

2. Make Learning a Fun Activity

Think about your study days, how much fun learning activities did you find in your teachers’ lectures in school, college or university. If you can create an online environment for your students that can make them feel learning as a fun activity, then they would definitely get motivated into the study and will be more attentive. Many students found learning hard and annoying because of the way they are learning it. That is why many students think their study as a session of mental torture.

3. Encourage Students to Study with Real Life Thinking

Education that you are going to provide should be in a way that encourages students to think widely, analyze them with real-life situations, debate and discuss on regular basis. Teach your students to get ready for the real world situations, not only for passing exams. This is the sign of great teachers that will make your student remember you through the whole of his or her life. Probably this could make your students promote your online teaching profession as well.

Suppose you are providing lessons on how to write a business letter. You distributed them some real good sample business letters. Then you explain to them how to think while writing those letters. Now after you completed the lesson if they are not able to write a letter on an issue totally different from the sample issue of letters then it is not a sign of good learning. So after completing every lesson, there should be proper feedback taking sessions to confirm that your students are learning properly.

4. Understanding Your Students’ Pace of Study

Among many students we often find that each everyone is different in learning lessons. Some students are very active and highly motivated with their study. They have a fast pace of learning while there are many students are not that fast in learning. So it is very important to track their performance record and feedback. Customize the style of study with students individually to make them feel that you are the perfect mentor for them.

5. Share Your Own Learning Experiences

Everyone passes through the student life, which gathers a lot of experiences on learning. Share your experiences with your students, how you found your lessons while you were a student. Tell them those real experiences like story-telling.

Share those experiences that will encourage them to get more attentive and motivated. If they find that you were also facing the same issues that they are facing then they will get the courage to dedicate themselves to study.

6. Teach Students How to Learn from Materials You Provided

There are teachers who are providing learning materials such as handouts, word files, PowerPoint slides, pdf files but don’t tell the students how to study them to learn properly with ease. If you are supplying course material to students for learning then tell them how to read them to learn and understand properly. It should be told to students that learning materials are provided to study and understand them to do real research.

7. Outcomes and Feedback

Get the result of what your students have learned through taking quizzes, setting them with assignments. An assignment is an amazing method of both developing students with the real-life situation and getting how well they are learning the lessons.

Besides for your betterment, take feedback from your students on tuition at the end. Make a questionnaire feedback form, ask your students to fill out with honest answers. This will ensure the consistency in quality teaching and professionalism.

Where to Find Online Tutoring Jobs

To get an online tutoring job you can register yourself as online tutor on the following websites to get jobs –

Final Talk

The intention to write this post is to help those people who are eagerly willing to become an online tutor but don’t know how to become an online tutor. I will feel fulfilled you find it even a bit helpful to set a successful online tutoring career. Please feel free to write in the comment box below, if you have anything to share with us. Thanks for reading. Wish you a very successful life ahead.

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