How to Be A Successful Blogger Even If You Have No Experience

You might have got inspired to make money online through blogging. But you are new and you don’t know anything about blogging or you don’t know how to be a successful blogger. So how that could be possible to be a successful blogger and to stand out of the crowd of million bloggers, is it really possible?

Yes, it is possible but for that, you have to follow some guidelines that are going to be discussed below. If you have good patience level and are serious about blogging to create your career then, of course, you will be a good blogger in the near future.

I saw many bloggers started blogging and could not stay focused more than three months.


Because they didn’t know the guidelines to follow and they were not aware of the issues with blogging business.

Failure comes to those bloggers who think blogging is so easy to make money, blogging can make them millionaire within a year.

Let me clarify first that you can make a decent amount of money blogging but only if you are patient, serious and persevered enough with your blog. Let’s get started with the few things of how to be a successful blogger to achieve the ultimate goal.

Become a Reader to Satisfy the Hunger of Knowledge

The more you read the more you can succeed in blogging. Continuous reading with passion can create a mental state of great knowledge to pursue them in creating great blogs.

Just think why people will come to read your blog, what they can get to learn from you.

You can improve yourself in writing your blogs with the habit of reading. The following are some benefits of reading

  • Strong Analytical Thinking Ability
  • Improved Memory
  • Vocabulary Expansion
  • Knowledge
  • Better Writing Skills

The above said benefits of reading can help you become a good blogger. Good reading habit can help you get unique ideas to write blogs that people would appreciate.

If you say that you don’t want to read to blog then I would say that blogging could become difficult for you to stay for a long time and get success.

To become a blogger in any niche, just ask yourself how many books and articles you read on that knowledge. Yes, this is the question that you need to ask yourself before proceeding to become a blogger.

If you found that you read 15 to 20 books and articles on a deep down niche then you can become a good and successful blogger in that particular niche. But one thing needs a mention here, that the flow of your reading should keep going as it was, before start blogging.

So there is no alternative to reading to become a good blogger.

I would like to suggest you here to read other blogs in your niche. You should read the best bloggers of your niche to learn the way they write their blog but not to copy their writings.

Become a Different and Unique styled Blogger

It is very important for bloggers who want to become successful to stand out of the crowd. There are billions websites and blogs, so for getting the success, you need to be very different with your blog. Your writing style should be unique and reader-friendly.

Imagine how many bloggers are there online, and every day there are a good number of new bloggers entering the industry. But very few bloggers can stay out of the crowd and get succeeded.

Read the blogs of all successful writers, try to find out what you love about their writings. What grabs your mind through their blogs. This question will help you find out the reason for their blogging success.

You have to get those reason to use them in your blogging. From different good bloggers styles plus your own style can easily create something unique and mind grabbing blog. Once you gain this uniqueness, you will be on track on how to be a successful blogger.

Plan to Spread Out your Blog

Before start writing your blogs, please make yourself clear with the fact that to spread out and get success with the blog, you require having a plan for both free and paid ways to market your blog to get the real visitors.

Many people start their blogs and within three to six months they get the success. But others who are providing a lot of effort but in their blogs are not getting success. Why is that?

The reason is they are very serious about their blogging and they are using both free and paid ways of marketing their blog.

They spend money on blog spreading to get back money that is way bigger amount than the spent amount. These bloggers are not only good writers but they are also good businessmen.

So if your intention of blogging is to make money then please be serious to make a plan for both paid and free ways to let all the potential readers as well as visitors of your blog. Believe me this plan with good implementation can make you way more than the amount of your money and time spent.

You might have seen the ads from Niel Patel, Jeff Bullas who are spending a lot of money on spreading out their blogs. They are very good writers and bloggers who are very serious about getting the success of their blog. That is why they are so successful in this blogging industry.

So to become someone special from millions of bloggers in the mind of the readers you have to think about it as a serious blogger with good business skills.

There are few things to become a successful blogger and that should be inserted into your plan of blogging. Those things are –

  • Top level domain with good hosting services.
  • Social media marketing – Free and Paid (Ads)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Such as Adwords Ads to show your blog posts on SERP)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Become a guest writer for other successful bloggers within your niche.
  • Youtube video creation and integration with your blog.

Always Stick to Your Niche Properly

To get success fast with blogging try to stick your writing with your niche. So for that, you should first find out what you know best and what that is you studied most in life. It should be something that you are good to write a lot about on which you can prove yourself well experienced.

Try to make your niche more specific. For instance, you want to write about shoes. And you found yourself having a very good knowledge of sports shoes. Then you should start your blog on “sports shoes” rather than on “Shoes”.

Creation of Business with your Blog

Create your own products and sell them to your readers and site visitors. You might be wondering about creating your own products. Don’t panic you can easily create your own digital products like ebooks, plugins, mobile apps, web designs. Or you can sell services like logo designing, photography, writing articles etc.

The main intention here should be to create more and more cognitive demand for your blogs in the minds of the potential readers as well as buyers.

The products should have relation to your niche. Suppose if you are a writer on sports shoes then obviously it can be said whoever is reading your blogs, they are actually looking for information on sports shoes because they are going to buy sports shoes.

So it becomes very easy for a sports shoe blogger to sell sports shoes to the blog readers. You can sell your own products or you can sell other peoples’ products through affiliate links.

Final Words on How to Be a Successful Blogger

If so far, you found yourself comfortable with the guidelines described above, then it is a sign of your ability to become a successful blogger.

Follow the steps properly and you will get your success in blogging like all other successful bloggers. My intention with this post is to make you understand how to be a successful blogger.

I would appreciate your comment, how you found this post and what about this post worked with your blogging success. If you are planning to start your blog soon then share your experience with us.

Please share this posts with your friends, blog partners, and networks.


M Riadul Mazid (MRM)

M Riadul Mazid (MRM) has taken a mission to help people get skilled and make money online. He believes that everyone can take the tremendous opportunities of Information Technology and become Online Professional.For the last 7 years, MRM has been working and researching on Money Making Online, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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