How to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is the 3rd most visited site and the biggest social media platform on the planet. It was been founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 but opened for everyone of age of 13 or older in September 2006. Now Facebook has become the biggest and easiest social media platform ever to reach targeted people for all kinds of niches.

Facebook has now 1.8+ billion monthly active users where your target audience exists. Almost all the biggest companies have their pages on Facebook. People find Facebook the easiest way to contact companies and businesses. Facebook has the power to help you reach and achieve your business goals.

Now if you want to know how to earn money from Facebook, then I would like to tell you first that you can rather make money not from Facebook but through Facebook. The ways to make money on Facebook are as follows –

Affiliate/Referral Links:

Sign up for affiliate networks that supports social media sharing and take your affiliate links. Amazon is the most popular for this kind of links for beginners. Just go to amazon associates’ site and sign up there for your affiliate links.

Amazon associates site has also options for marketers to share their affiliate links directly on Facebook. Use that service to publish your affiliate links on Facebook pages. The Facebook page should be verified page for this kind of publications. It needs to put address and phone numbers in the about section.

Make Money Using Facebook Page

Open a Facebook page and name it keeping in mind the most effective keyword that best represents the products and services. It is very important to have the niche that includes all kinds of people.

For instance if you are willing to make a page related to humor then you will definitely get a lot of visitors, because everyone loves humor. This is just an example, you can work with any of your interest and targets.

Try to write long description in your all post so that will help the search engine analytics to find your posts for targeted customers or buyers. The description should wrap the main keywords well enough that it can reach to target visitors. All posts should have proper hashtags in the description to get the exact target market.

Blog Sharing

If you have a blog and you have pay per clicks and pay per sale links on your blog then the most important thing would be the number of organic visitors. The more the number of your site visitors the more the site will earn you revenue. So for that Facebook is the most effective platform to get more organic visitors for you website or blog.

But if you have not created a blog then then you can start a blog on a niche that you are good at. Then it should have at least 20 to 25 posts of 1200 – 2000 words each which should definitely be your own writings.

Facebook to Make Money on YouTube:

If you have a YouTube channel then you might have already using Facebook for sharing your videos to get more views. But if you have never open a YouTube channel then create a YouTube channel and start creating videos. If you want to know some video making ideas then read YouTube Video Ideas.

Now after creating video you need to increase the number of your video views on YouTube. So for that social media platform like Facebook is very important for your growth. Create a dedicated Facebook page that will represent your YouTube Channel and share all your channel videos there.

While sharing don’t forget to write good hashtags (i.e. #YouTube) with your niche keywords. When people will search the exact same hashtags then you will find your video as latest ones.

Sell Your Own Products:

Find suppliers who provides products with very low prices in different types of lots. Buy products from them and sell them with your own set price. Initially you won’t be able to reach a good number people without providing ads.

So in that case it is better to create a Facebook page for your online shop and start sharing your products with proper hashtags. If you already have an online shop to sell your own products, then you can sell them fast by reaching to the target market of your products.

Facebook also providing group facilities for online products to buy and sell. There are already many groups where you can easily find a lot of buy and sell groups to sell your products.


M Riadul Mazid (MRM)

M Riadul Mazid (MRM) has taken a mission to help people get skilled and make money online. He believes that everyone can take the tremendous opportunities of Information Technology and become Online Professional.For the last 7 years, MRM has been working and researching on Money Making Online, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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