Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

There are many articles on making money online in various ways from the category of home jobs. But most of them are not legitimate ways that you can rely on and spend your valuable time to get a good return in the form of money. So this article is actually based on the research of finding reliable and legitimate work from home jobs. Let’s talk about the finding –

List of Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

  1. Paid Translation Services
  2. Proofreading and Editing
  3. Customer Service
  4. Telecommuting Jobs
  5. Product Reviews
  6. Graphic Designing
  7. Resume Writing
  8. Content Writing
  9. Online Micro Jobs
  10. Online Surveys

Paid Translation Services

People who know more than one language well can become an online translator to make money online. It is a legitimate work or job from home that you can also do if you know multiple languages well.

If we talk about a website, then you might have seen on many websites who provide options for their visitors to select their own language to read the website information. Why do they do that, reason is they want to expand the number of potential visitor for their website.

If your mother tongue is English and you also know French language then you can work for people who need French to English or English to French translator. The payment also depends on the commercial value of the languages that you are good at.

Why Don’t They Use Translation Software

Now you may think why people would hire skills for this kind of job as it can be easily done by google translator or other translating software. The answer is – all those translations created by those algorithms are not human friendly and also not accurate all the time.

If it is not human friendly and people don’t find the language comfortable then they would leave the website for alternative. If you want to use your language skill as a legit work or job from the comfort of your home then the check the following best websites who are looking for translators online.

Proofreading and Editing

Many people are doing job online as a proofreaderProofreading is another good and legit way to make money online for those who can proofread written documents accurately for grammar, spelling and other etiquette.

The question is who pays for these services. Many website writers, book writers, bloggers who are very busy doing other works and don’t have time to proofread their documents. Sometimes they want to do this by professionals, which creates the need for this job.

If you think you are good with editing, checking spelling mistakes for written documents then start doing this job online through following sites –

Customer Service

Have you heard about Online Customer Service jobs? If you haven’t, then just get learned that you can do customer service jobs online. You have to answer the customers’ query and questions regarding products and services sold or unsold. Most of the time it works with after sales services.

This service or job includes answering phone calls, replying emails, participate on live chat query etc. There are many renowned companies like amazon who are hiring online customer service agents worldwide.

Telecommuting Jobs

Like customer service representative or agent there is another job called telemarketing. In telemarketing job you have to get to the customer through telephone calls to promote and sell products and services. It is directly related to the organization’s sales department and known as revenue generating marketing process.

It has a great value in this modern world because you can now call people through online telephone services. The more products you sell the more money you will earn. Have a look on the websites below to get legitimate telemarketing jobs.

Product Reviews

You know that people are searching a lot of information about products that they are about to buy. So before buying any products they want to gain knowledge and information about all the available products of their demands. That’s why the manufacturing companies, selling websites, online shops etc. need good reviewers to help promote their products and services.

Thus they pay for reviewing their products to promote which creates this product reviewing jobs. Now you can get legitimate product review work to make money from home jobs, yeah that’s true. Just make good reviews on the following sites following all their terms and conditions and make money online free.

Graphic Designing

People from every business need graphical presentation of their businesses, but very few of those business owners or authority can design your own Business Identity graphics. So they get those graphics designs from professional graphic designers.

If you are good at graphic designing – then this could be a very good legitimate way of work or jobs from home. Even if you are newbie to graphic designing then watch graphic designing tutorials on YouTube to learn all the tools of logo designing and start making logo for clients.

It would be wise to first start participating into designing e-contests and try to win the contests for award money. The contest winners get hired by more clients, winning a contest is very crucial. You can start your designing career from the following websites –

Resume Writing

For getting a job a job seeker needs a resume that should be written in format to get the attention of the employer. Not every job seekers are good at writing a good resume. So they look for someone who can help them writing resume for them.

If you have good grasp of English and you know the etiquette of resume writing then get paid for writing resume. It is one of the best legitimate work from home jobs. It is so simple and easy, just write others’ resumes in professional styles with the information they provide and get paid.

Now if you are thinking where to find legit resume writing job or gigs or task then you can check the following websites.

Content Writing

Writers can choose content writing legitimate work online from home to make money online without any cost or investment. It is one of the best legit way to work online for handsome earning. If you are already writing content for others then the good news is you can get your own job without any middle men who shares the profit of your earning.

There are some best writing platform for paid content writing legit platforms. They are very strict about their terms and policy, so first make sure that you read all their terms and policies as well as the writing rules.

These terms and policies are being followed strictly to keep the fake writers away. The sole intention is to preserve the rights for the real writers.

So you don’t have to worry about those terms, policies and rules as you are a professional writer who know all ins and outs of content writing.

Online Micro Jobs

You might have heard about micro jobs. Micro jobs are actually different types of activities online which takes very short time to complete. Writing, transcribing, data collecting, commenting etc. The more tasks you will complete the more money you can gain.

But please keep in mind that whatever you do it should be in proper way. I like this Micro jobs as anyone can do this jobs within a very short time and can earn good money. You can do this job on the following websites.

Online Surveys

Online survey is a very easy and fun doing legitimate work from home jobs. Almost every organization wants to collect information on their products or services or anything that needs to get feedback from target customer market. These needs create the survey process and for that they to the real persons to complete surveys.

If you are interested then you can find online legit paid surveys free of cost to gain extra cash on survey taking websites. All you have to do is to sign-up as Survey takers, complete your profile and start taking surveys.

Once you have got your account with the amount of the payment threshold you can redeem them through PayPal, bank transfer or by check depending on the survey providing site.

Please share your feeling, how you found this post so far. Leave a comment to let us know.

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