Make Money Online Free Without Investment

Is there any real way to make money online free or without investment, this is the question every online worker, freelancer, marketer sought the answer for. Probably still you are searching for how to make money on the internet that is why you are reading this page.

The intention is to find out easy step by step legit ways of how to make money online fast and free on the internet. No one can say how fast one can earn money but I can assure you that right now you will find some simple and real ways to earn money online free without investing a single penny.

Time-Knowledge-Dedication as Investments to Make Money Online Free

I appreciate your hard work for searching ways to make money online free or without any investment. But didn’t you realize that you already spent your most valuable time on trial and error methods for finding the real ways of earning good amount of money online.

To make money online free, your valuable time, knowledge and dedication will be your most investment. Once you find success on making money on the internet, then all spent time with dedication and hard works will get worthy.

Best Ways to Build Online Money Making Career Free

This is a very fast growing sector, where new ways are being created almost every day but some platforms and ways are really different and authentic from others in terms of earning real money. But all real ways needs authentic works, social media sharing and a website if you really want to earn money online for long.

There are few dynamic ways to earn money online that I am going to discuss in this post. In my opinion, those are the all-time most reliable, effective and best ways to make money from home. Let’s discuss them below –

  1. YouTube
  2. Blogging
  3. Design and Sell T-Shirts
  4. Freelancing
  5. Affiliate Marketing


If you are a newbie for online marketing or business, then I would suggest you to start earning money for free with a YouTube channel. YouTube is still one of the easiest way to earn good amount of real money. There are many successful YouTubers who are now working only with YouTube.

After YouTube, you can focus on Vimeo and Amazon Video Direct. Vimeo is also a nice place to make money online with Vlogging (Video-Blogging).Vimeo earning based on subscribers. Many people know about YouTube and Vimeo, but very few people know about Amazon Video Direct. Here we are only writing about YouTube.

YouTube Video Ideas

Make videos with your video camera, or with your mobile phone’s camera. Make videos that could be funny, amazing real life topic that interest people. Before making videos, do research about the topic of the video that you are going to create for. If you don’t have camera then use your computer to capture screen and use microphone to record voice to make tutorials on topic that you know well.

If you are not sure what you are good at to create video tutorials on. Then start brain-storming and find out what interests you, what you are curious about to learn and share with people. Once you find what interests then start finding topic or title that most of the people are searching for and very few people are writing about. For more ideas read YouTube Video Ideas to get 30+ ideas for making videos.

Number of Video Views is Crucial

A video of yours on YouTube with million plus views can make you earn thousands of dollars depending on the topics of your videos­­­. Think if you have several videos with million views then how much you could earn from YouTube.

Number of Video Views is crucial

You can choose a topic with a very specific niche which has a good number of targeted viewers e.g. “Business Writing Rules” is a topic that has viewers who are students, business executives, and/or teachers. But you can also choose topic that counts everyone who knows that language of your video.

Video Topic for Million Views and How to Find Them

Try to find topic and title that could go viral to earn views. For making your research easier, let me tell you to just take into consideration that funny, inspirational, motivational topics are always accepted by viewers. These types of videos has great number of targeted viewers. Because people from every sector love to enjoy funny things and everyone wants to get inspired and motivated. So it is always wise to choose topic that people will enjoy and share on social media sites to make it viral.

Video topics for million views

See funny moments happen everywhere intentionally or unintentionally. Think about the producers and directors of a funny comedy film, they write funny stories with funny characters and put those into actions through chosen actors – it is intentional. So try to find stories from funny things happened unintentionally in your life or your friends’ lives which are totally uncommon in nature, add some new values to them and create your own video that will grab millions of views which will ultimately result in thousands of dollars.

More Subscribers, More Money

More subscription will help generate more views quickly, and more views will convert into currency. Viewers will subscribe to your channel when they will find your video interesting, watchable, informative or enjoyable, in short, they love your video and want to get the update of your future posts.

Once you get a good number of subscribers, it would become very easy to gain a good amount of monthly inflows. Many YouTubers are earning more than $10,000 dollars. Imagine why they would go search for a job to find a boss.

YouTube SEO

Doing SEO for your YouTube Video is really important. It helps the Google and YouTube search engine algorithms to understand and better optimize to present them to the prospective viewers. Take all the necessary steps before and after creating a video for better optimization.  It is recommended to read How to Do SEO for YouTube Video to know all the necessary steps and follow them to get success.

Blogging and Earning

You might have already known about blogging concept and how it works to make money. If you haven’t then let me tell you that it could be the one way that can help your make a worry free life. Blogging can even make you rich to lead a luxurious life.

Start Blogging for Free

Now the question comes ‘Can you start blogging for free to make money?’ The answer is ‘Yes’, you can start with a free with,, etc. These three are the best platform to start blogging career.

Through Blogger, which is a Google blogging service open for everyone. It is easy to use and easy to optimize with the search engine. If you want to use some other free blogging services with huge popularity then go for,

Niche Selection

It is always wise to choose niche that has huge readers demand. You also need to find the title of your topic that contains good profitable keywords with low competition and with consistent monthly search volume. For that you have to do proper keyword research.

Google keyword tool is the best option to search for ideas. But as we all know that Google is showing the exact search numbers to the users who are running ad campaigns with AdWords. So I would suggest you research your keyword at WordStream or SEMRush (10 free Search per day).

Get Your Site Ready to Monetize

Ensure that your website hosts twenty to twenty-five post with quality writings that are being written by you with proper paraphrases it needs. Once you have 20 to 25 quality posts of 1200 to 2000 words in your niche, then you will gain authority in that niche and search engines will start ranking your site in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for the target visitors.

Monetizing Website

This is an important part of blogging as it will make you money through your website. For this step make sure your website is ready for showing pay per click ads to your visitors. Google pay per click advertising is the best option always. If you never opened an Adsense account then –

  • Sign up for Google AdSense (A Gmail Account is required)
  • After signing up use AdSense ads on you website and wait for its approval.
  • Once you are approved for your Adsense account, the ads will be live on your site.

Design and Sell T-Shirt, Mug, Phone Cases and Many Other Products with No-Cost

It is one of the best ways to make money online free and fast. All you have to do is to make designs for T-Shirts and upload them to, setting your won price and sell them with online marketing. Lots of students and online workers are happy to be with this business. They found it the most effective way to start online money making career. You don’t have to pay them a single penny to use their services. Create Facebook and Twitter page for this business and share all your T-Shirts.

It is not only limited to only selling T-Shirt, you can check You can print your design on not only T-Shirt but also on Mug, Electronic Devices, Bedsheet, Phone Cases, tops, wallets and many other types of products. In case of payment there are also very fast and reliable. In case of SEO, is very helpful. They will show your products to all there visitors which can increase the sale of your products. Use your social media pages with Hash-Tags to spread your products on all social media to increase the potential of your sales.

Freelance Works

Freelance work is another effective way to earn money online. You can earn very good amount of money from renowned freelancing web platforms, such as Freelancer, UpWork (previously known as oDesk). This type of works depends on the type of skill you have as well as your reputation with them, which initially is tough to manage.

Web Developing and Graphics Designing

Web Developers and Web Designers, Graphics Designers are getting paid more than people working in other sectors of freelance works. If you are good at Web Developing or Web Designing or Graphics Designing then you should definitely give freelance job a try and make it your career line. You might be thinking how you will start, as you are new to this industry. There is a solution as well which will not only help you get hired but also help you get reputed.

All you have to do for, is to participate in the daily or weekly contests of web development, web designing or graphics designing. There are lots of contests going on every week, you just select which ones best fit your experience that can win the competition. The following are the most reliable and best of its kind –

Especially the 99 Designs has the best paying graphics contests that you should give a try for, if you know graphics designing. If you are a newbie in graphics designing, even then you have chance to get into many available contests. You might find it difficult for the first few days or weeks to get that flow, but believe me it happened with everyone working successfully in this field.


If you love photography then you can use your photography to earn money. There are lots of sites who are selling photography to bloggers, site owners and anyone who needs photos of specific choice. But these sites first buy those photos from photographers and then sell them to other. So you might have got this photography business.

If you are interested in the stock photography business, then grab you camera and start clicking good captures and make them ready to sell. Please do not sell photos of others, just sell photos that belongs to you. It is a very interesting work where many people just travel all the time taking photos of natures and beauties and also earing huge money selling them on the go.

You can start selling your photographs on or These two sites are very renowned for this business. Register yourself with them as a photographer and sell your photo to start earing.

Writing / Copywriting

If you are not interested in graphics designing, then you can go for writing gigs. If you have good writing skills then you can also create an online writing career with huge payments. There are many writing job platforms who pay very good sum of money. But it depends on quality writing and your experience with them. If you are writing for a website and they are accepting your writing because they like it, then definitely you are going to work for them for long. Good writers always get paid higher and get work continually.

Good Paying Writing Jobs or Gigs Provider

There are many websites who are paying freelance article writers. You may also start earning from those sites by submitting the valuable outcome of your writing ability. So when it comes to choosing who to start working with, you may start with following websites.

There are many other good paying reliable websites which are based on specific types of topics. But the above-listed websites are paying for the variety of topics and general. So at the beginning, it is better to work with them. Please remember to understand there writing rules and policies before submitting your article.

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest money making method on the internet. You can earn a good amount of extra income through this method. For some people it is their only method for making huge money. But it is not easy to do for everyone at the beginning. It takes time to understand the concept and different types of strategies.

Affiliate marketing concept says to earn commission by selling products of other individuals or people or companies. For example, if you are selling Amazon products as an affiliate of through your authority sites (website, blogger site or social media fan pages) then you will get a commission predefined by Amazon for specific products.

Which Affiliate Networks to Start with

At the beginning it is better to start with Amazon Associates. As it is the most acceptable and easy to start with affiliate programs. Amazon has already the best number of loyal customer on the planet. People rely on Amazon products and after sales service. So it will take less time to start selling products for Amazon to make your earnings. The best affiliate networks are –

How to Get Authority Sites

For Amazon associate program, you can show your blogger site as an authority site on the sign up method. So it actually require an authority site where people visit to get information, help, ideas and assistance from your writing. Many people call it as Authority Marketing.

If you already have a website with good traffic then you can use your authority to recommend site visitors about other’s products to buy and on successful buy you get your commission money.


M Riadul Mazid (MRM)

M Riadul Mazid (MRM) has taken a mission to help people get skilled and make money online. He believes that everyone can take the tremendous opportunities of Information Technology and become Online Professional.For the last 7 years, MRM has been working and researching on Money Making Online, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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