How to Become A Customer Service Representative to Get Jobs Online

In the 21st century of globalization, businesses are spread out all over the world. As now there are no boundaries to do business for the sake of internet, so the number of competition is increasing day by day. So here comes the need of gaining competitive advantages over competitors. So the idea of creating online customer service jobs and hiring people came as a competitive advantage.

Many companies found Customer Service as a very active competitive advantage that is not only improving the company-customer relationship but also promoting business to the next level. This is why almost every company small or large, is dedicated to provide customer services to their potential customers or consumers. It means it is very important for online job seekers to know how to online customer service jobs.


What is Customer Service / Customer Service Definition

In general the service provision to the customers before or after selling a product or services, is known customer service.

According to Oxford Dictionary

“The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.”

According to Collins Dictionary

”Customer Service is any activity designed to increase the level of customer satisfaction, such as help with finding the right product and guidance about its use.”

So what we get from the above two definitions – The assistance, advice or any other activity that is being provided by any company to its customers to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

The personnel who are representing the company and conducting the customer service communications with customers are known as Customer Service Representatives.

Online Customer Service Skills

Before proceeding forward it is very important to know, the skills that a customer service representative should possess. Check the following skills that prospective customer service representative needs to have –

Clear Communication

Being precise and clear while communicating to the customer is very important. Clear communication can ensure good relationship with customer. A simple miscommunication that could be happen through a mistake could damage the future relationship with the customer. So a very clear communication skill is a prioritized skill for any customer service representative.

Good Listening Ability

Good listening is required to have voice conversation with customers. If the representative does not have ability to listen the customer properly, then the conversation could become a mess, and the customer could become angry.

Good Reading Ability

If it comes to the conversation through live chat support, then the CSR should have the ability to read and understand properly what the customer or client is actually asking for.

Good Knowledge of Products and/ services

As we all know that customer service is obviously related to the communication with customers, then it is also related to provide information on sold or to be sold products or services.

Good Language Skill

A CS Representative should have a very good language skill, which I hope that you already know. But what you don’t know at the beginning is you have use your language skill to make customers and clients more satisfied, so that they feel you and your company care about them.


While communicating with customers, it usually happens that in the process of making good relation with customers, we start sharing personal life stories. A professional customer service representative should keep depersonalization in mind while serving. The rules and regulations of the company should be maintained as a professional.


Patience is the most important virtue that is eagerly needed to have in a CSR. Those customer service agents who patient enough can grow their career very fast. Patience can also help us learn a lot of new things that you cannot learn, if you don’t have patience.

Other than the above mentioned skills there are many other skills that are required for being CSR but usually those skills comes through steady practice and real experiences.

How to Get Customer Service Training

To become a customer service representative it needs to know the basics of customer service. It also requires to have the proper practices of customer service jobs techniques. So as a newbie how can you get the customer service training online, this question arises right next.

Watch video tutorials on YouTube, go to YouTube and search videos for “Customer Service Training for Beginners”. You will find a lot of videos from various good YouTube channels. There is another option to get training from real professionals, for that follow the next paragraph.

Where to Get Professional Customer Service Training for Free

If you need to have the training free of cost then it seems very difficult to get good courses, it is not like that actually. You can take two very good and effective free online training on Customer Service on the following websites –

Alison: is providing free online Training on Customer Service which is indeed very effective and time worthy. It covers all the basics of customer service through techniques and practices. This course can help you become confident in handling communication, complaints and enquiries.

Many successful online customer service agents or representatives got trained through this free customer service training. Before participating into this course, check the course guidelines. The minimum educational qualification to get into this course is higher high secondary school.


You can get the certificate in a .pdf format, and for that you must study and complete all the four modules and score 80% or above in every module. But one thing should be mentioned here that there is a price to get the certificate. So my suggestion is to complete all the modules and score 80% or more but don’t buy it initially. Use your training to make money first then buy the certificate.

Understanding the Customer Service Representative Jobs Description

Before applying for jobs, please read and understand the customer service representative jobs description, it is very important because the job description varies from industry to industry though all are customer service jobs. Reading the CSR job description carefully will help understand whether the particular job suitable for you.

For instance, if you are educated or experienced customer service job related to telecommunication products and services. Now if you are applying for a customer service job that is related to cable TV products and services, then your experience is not worthy for it. Thus, always read and understand customer service representative jobs description properly to find out match with your experience.

Where to Get Customer Service Jobs Online

There are lots of websites who are claiming to providing online customer service jobs. The get most reliable online customer service jobs providers, you can browse the following freelancing jobs sites –

Amazon Jobs

Go to amazon jobs site and search for “virtual customer service” through the big search box. You will get hundreds of jobs related to virtual customer service. Amazon is been a very trusted site for all time.


On site, search for “customer service” in the search box and see the search result page to find circulars that could match your requirements. Freelancer is very trusted and one of the best freelance jobs provider. But before applying any job check the profile of that particular job submitter and all reviews that other freelancers wrote there.

After registering as a freelancer, complete your profile in good way that could help you get hired. Check for the profile of best paying customer service freelancer there to develop your profile.


Like freelancer Upwork is probably the best freelance jobs provider. The most trusted and effective site for both freelancers and employers. Visit Upwork and search for customer service in the search box. You will get the list of jobs. Here also don’t forget to check the profile of that particular job submitter and all reviews that other freelancers provided.

You have to register there as a freelancer, have to complete 100% of your profile. It is very strict about user information, so provide all true information to avoid any disapproval.

Guru is another most trusted freelance jobs provider. Search job there and find out what is suitable there for you. Register and complete your profile perfectly as well.

Other than the above said jobs provider, you can check Indeed and Flexjobs.

How Much Can You Earn

A large number of people are doing this job online specially those who have to stay at home. These customer service representative jobs usually pay $10 to $25 an hour. Sometimes it is $30+ an hour with better performance in dealing with customers. Sometimes it is very high if the customer service needs technical representatives who have to provide support on technical issues.

Final Talk

I wish for your success to become a professional online customer service jobs. If you found this post helpful in your way to get success, then that would be my success. Thanks for reading this post. Please feel free to write in the comment box to share your thoughts. Thanks again.


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