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If you are a student and looking for online jobs for college students that should be legitimate work from home jobs, then read this post. In this post you will learn free dynamic and great online jobs which are perfect for college students for free or without any investment.

This post is written after doing a search keeping in mind the shortage of after school free-time of college students, so students do not have to research to find out the ways to simply work and earn online for free.

If you are part time student who wants to work full time or if you have just completed your college study and want to make money online free, then you are recommended to learn the ways of make money online free without investment.

Choose your types of online jobs

Search Engine Evaluator

If it comes to the talk about online jobs for college students then first of all it is recommend to work as a search engine evaluator. The main purpose of this job is what the name says, you have to evaluate the search engines for its results pages. Whenever a word or phrase is being searched on the search box of it brings millions results on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Though having perfect analytics and algorithms it is required to have human evaluations, which creates this job position.

If you are selected as Search Engine Evaluator then they would pay you on an hourly basis. Usually all the search engines evaluator job providers pay $10 to $15 per hour on an average. People worked for search engine evaluation were found happy with the job. It is clean good paid hourly job.

Best Websites to Get Search Engine Evaluator Job


Another great way to make money online for college students, is Transcribing job. Transcription refers to the process of writing out the words by listen audio files that includes voice. That means all you have to do is to listen the given audio, understand the voices and type them in written. It is Voice to Text conversion process.

Transcription is a very popular job with very good payment. Transcription jobs usually pay $15 to $25 per hour, depending on the company policy. It is also popular for its work from home and flexibility feature, you can work whenever you want to. So it would be great online job for a college student who wants to work from home after completing academic tasks.

Transcription audio mostly comes with few types – General, Legal, Technical and/or Medical. General types could be done by anyone, but the other types need to have specific skills. So if you are a medical or legal student who know most of the technical, medical or legal terms, then you can go for those special transcriptions.

While signing up for this kind of jobs might have to complete some tests that you have to pass. It is like the recruitment tests that we face in every single job through recruitment process.

Best Transcription Job Sties:

Online Typing / Data Entry Jobs

Whenever the discussion comes on making money online, data entry and/or typing jobs takes place in the discussion. The reason of being so popular is, it does not need high qualification and in many cases almost anyone with good typing and spelling skills can make good money with data entry jobs.

Data Entry proved itself as one of the best online typing jobs for college students. If you have good typing as well as spelling skills or if you do have experience on data entry, then you definitely should start doing this online typing job.

There are websites where you will find data entry jobs, but please do remember that they are very strict about quality and accuracy of the data entry. Always read their policies before start working for them. If you do well with their data entry jobs then you might get more tasks to do, which ultimately means more money.

Best Data Entry Job Providing Sites:

Virtual Assistant

You can become a part time Virtual Assistant for owners of business and small enterprises. They are hiring virtual assistant through various jobs sites. This can be a very good opportunity if the working time is not clashing your study schedule. This type of jobs includes scheduling appoints, organizing works, typing business letters, business documents and other office administrative works.

These days many companies are feeling comfortable to hire Online Virtual Assistants for completing office tasks. The best part of this job is you are experiencing administrative job without leaving your home. This will add a great experience in your Resume, which will help you get job of experienced level after passing your college. You will have a specific schedule for your job, so that you can manage to find out when to do your study and assignments.

Visit the following Websites for getting Virtual Assistant jobs. You might already heard the first three Freelancing sites, the latter four are awesome for VA jobs.

Online Customer Service Representative

Almost every company who are selling products or providing services have customer service unit to help their customers or clients by answering to their phone calls or email queries. This customer service team requires many representatives to provide after sales support. Customer service representatives goes to the call center to do the job.

Now the scenario is getting changed so fast that now you can do the same job just by sitting at your home in your pajamas using your computer connected to internet and providing support to other parts of the world. Sometimes it could require a land phone depending on the need of the employer. The name of the position changed from Customer Service Representative to Online Customer Service Representative.

If you have good communication skill over phone, through online chat and/or email then this Online Virtual Customer Service job could be a great way for you to make money online free without investment. You could be paid from $10 to $25 per hour depending on the level of your experience and support. Knowing more than one languages will increase the earning opportunity.

Best Online Customer Service Job Sites:

Amazon Jobs:

Go to amazon jobs site and search for “virtual customer service” through the big search box. You will get hundreds of jobs related to virtual customer service. is been a very trusted site for all time.

Online Tutor

Many people teach students while they themselves are studying as they are good at teaching. If you are kind of a person who is good at teaching then you have a good online earning opportunity through teaching. As you are a college student, so it would be easy for you to teach students of primary and secondary schools as you have already completed them. There are very good online tutoring platforms where you can easily earn by doing what you love to do and what you are skilled with.

This is not only a good online job opportunity for college students only but also for university students. Especially for those who want to build teaching career in future.

While applying for jobs like this you could be ask to complete some question-answer type test. The tests would be on the subject of study that you checked as your skill on registration form. So it will not be tough as you already know it well.

Get tutoring jobs on the following websites:

Stock Photography

Photography as online jobs for college students can be a great way. You might be taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram, Facebook as well as to other social media to share with your friends. But what if you have the opportunity to take pictures and sell them to make money.

Bloggers and publishers need pictures every day for their post publications. For example, Bloggers of cooking and recipes might need pictures of fresh vegetable, fruits or spices; Travel bloggers might need picture of scenic beauties, roads, highways etc. or tutoring bloggers need pictures of academic life such as students in the class, books, libraries, academic events. According to their demands they buy these pictures from stock photography sites who are buying those pictures from people like you and me.

These types of picture can easily be managed to capture by you. Many students are already doing this stock photography business and you can do the same, all you have to do is to take high resolution pictures with your smartphone or with your camera; edit the lighting and brightness a bit in Photoshop or other photo editing software or apps, to make them ready to sell.

Best Stock Photo Sites to Sell Photo:

Article Writing

Article writing is a great way to make money online free. It proved very efficient online job for college students. As a student you can also manage to write article for money. If you are newbie to writing then I would like to suggest you to read few articles on any niche by searching them on google. Read them, and try to understand the style of writing the writer uses, how the references were used and how the whole article is presented. Yeah, it is that simple, just write a good article, submit it online and get paid on approval.

But must remember that websites paying for articles are actually making money with those articles. So those article should be very authentic, written by you only, and not copied from anywhere. If you are using resources from other websites, news, or books then properly paraphrase them mentioning the citation.

Assignments Writing

As a college student it would be very easy to make assignment as you are doing this for your study. If you are good at making assignment then use your skill to write assignment for others who wants to pay for writing their assignments. Now you might be thinking where to find those orders. There are many sites including the major freelancing sites like Freelancer and UpWork for getting assignment tasks. You have to register there and look for orders of their clients that match your specialty.

Assignment Writing Jobs Sites:

Create and Sell Video

Take your camcorder, shoot video and use them to make money by renting, selling or letting to download your created videos on Vimeo. Yes it is that simple. Vimeo has free membership plan to join them and start making money. It is a nice platform to earn handsome amount of money.

If you are a person who likes to make video and you have good video creation capability then I would suggest you to use your talent and make money creating video content. Vimeo is very popular with 10 million active creators who are selling their videos.

The service is really awesome with huge potential buyers and viewers, but the free membership comes with limited storage of 500 megabytes data weekly storage, up to 25 Gigabytes Yearly. This is also great at the beginning. Because it will take almost a week to create a good video of 500mb size of data.

So the suggestion is to start with free membership, create one video every week, sell you video, earn and buy premium services to earn more with premium support. There is another website VidStore who provides full support and all their services for free to sell your video. is a platform where you can sell your video by creating your own video store. You don’t have to pay them for getting into their platform or any other service. They have built in SEO which will help your video to get sold effectively.

They will help you with your channel setup, social media marketing and payouts. Vidstore will earn through your video selling. Both of you will be benefitted from the sale. The ratio is 60% – 40%. You get 60% and Vidstore gets 40% of the total revenue made through your video sales.

This is an amazing online job opportunity for college students with huge support all for free. Anyone can start selling video without any investment. You earn or make money first then you pay them their share like any partnership business.

Sell T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tops

Design and sell t-Shirt on who provides all the support to design and create campaign for T-Shirts, Hoodie or Tops. All you have to do is write a message or paste designs on T-Shirt, hoodie just by typing message or uploading designs from your computer. You choose the price which should be reasonable for buyer to buy your TEE. After getting orders TeeSpring will look after the completion of the orders. Even they will provide customer services to the customers.

After creating the campaign you will get the link of your T-Shirt Campaign page. Share the link through all the social media with proper hashtags. Tell your friends to share the link.

Final Talk:

I hope the discussed ways of getting online jobs for college students will bring financial success to help manage the financial need of the students. Please try to do whichever way of making money online you like but in way that will not hamper your study. I will keep updating this post to help you not to worry about finding ways of online jobs. If you like this post please post a comment below. If you have any suggestion to make this post better then please let us know to research and update for you.



M Riadul Mazid (MRM)

M Riadul Mazid (MRM) has taken a mission to help people get skilled and make money online. He believes that everyone can take the tremendous opportunities of Information Technology and become Online Professional.For the last 7 years, MRM has been working and researching on Money Making Online, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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