How to Become a Writer to Get Freelance Writer Jobs Online

How to Become a Writer to Get Freelance Writer Jobs Online

Writing has been a great profession for ages, from Stone Age to this Digital Age, nobody could stop writers to write their feelings and findings. Today writers write and the whole world read within hours for the sake of information technology. So the need to know how to become a writer is increasing day by day.

Today’s writers are writing for earning their living online, that is indeed a very impressive amount of money. You can also become a good writer to get online writer jobs only if you are dedicated and determined enough. This post will guide you through to know how to become a writer as a newbie.


Find Out What Kind of Writer You Are

Before choosing writing career, you need to understand the type of your writing ability. There are various types of writer who write online. Those types are as follows –

 1. Academic Writer

Academic Writers usually don’t write for making money. They write for scientific, school-university magazines or periodicals.

2. Business Writer

The readers for the business writing are highly educated with a high level of income. So the business writers should also have the writing ability that can make those business readers think the writing worth reading.

3. Content Writer

A generalist content writer can write about anything within the universe. Content writing jobs include web content writing, articles, white papers, social media contents, business papers, academic papers completing through making a sheer research. For web content writer it needs to keep in mind that the writing should be in a form that could drive traffic and make readers take actions.

4. Technical Writer

Technical writers are those who write on tech-related documentations, for example, writers on web developments, software developments, instructions manual for products or services, project plans, or any other technical subject matter. These type of writers also include space, aeronautics or robotics specialists.

5. News Writer

News writing is a special skill that should be gained first to become a news writer. Many experienced news reporters or journalists are collecting news reports and sell them to renowned publications through the internet.

6. Instructional Writer

Instructional writers write tutorials, test papers, online courses, textbooks etc. This type of writers are highly skilled and trained with education on particular demanded subjects. Instructional writers have good demand in this IT age, where everyone is relying on tutorials, courses being held on the internet.

7. Resume Writers

This is one of the most popular writer type, which has a very good demand in online writing job market. It needs to have MS Word skills and skills in Adobe InDesign can make your position outstanding. Almost everyone needs to write his or her resumes.


You know yourself better than anyone else on this planet. So try to find out what drives your craze to write and what you think you are really good at. This two answer may help you find out the type of online writer you are going to be soon.

Find Your Writing Niche Out

Just after choosing your writing category, the foremost task of becoming a successful writer is to have a session of brainstorming. It will help find out the exact niche that you are best for. For example, suppose you love to make punchline for humor and you are very good at making people laugh, then “humor” could be your niche to become a writer for. It is just an example, you can find your own niche just by brainstorming niches from which you have to select a good one.

How to Learn Writing

If you have never been a writer, even then you can be an online writer. It could take some time to get trained as a newbie, but definitely, you can be a good writer with training and practices.

Many online writers proved themselves good professional writers who started writing as a newbie. So if you want to become a writer online, then definitely try to train yourself. Who knows, you could prove yourself a successful writer.

1. Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorials on how to write like professionals. Go to YouTube, search and watch videos on writing tutorials. You can also watch very good tutorials on Udemy and Lynda.

Udemy and Lynda are providing very good tutorials on writing by the best writing professionals but of course, that comes with a price. So, if you don’t want to spend on video tutorials then look for professional YouTubers who are providing writing video tutorials.

2. Take Free Online Writer Training Course

It is always a good to take online writing training to build yourself as a formal writer. There are many paid online training providers but I would like to suggest you participate in the free training in writing.

If you want to be a content writer for the web, then you should check Open2Study, who are providing a free writing course on “Writing for the Web” which is very good at the beginning. First get trained through free training, work and make money then use your earned money on your improvement training.

Reading & Learning is Essential to Become a Good Writer

To become a good writer in any field it is required to gain the habit of reading. The good readers can be good speakers and writers are eventually speakers through written words. Readers’ brain collects millions of reading etiquettes than those of non-readers’. That means good readers have brains that are rich in information and knowledge.

Before writing on any topic try to collect information from good sources. Carefully read them as much as you can, image in your mind all that you have read so far and link them to what you need to write to start generating your own content.

Keep a Notebook to Write Ideas and Thoughts

Note taking is a very good tip for becoming a professional writer. Almost all the writer take notes of anything they think interesting about their writing into their notebook. For doing that it needs to carry a notebook all the time. Today’s writers are adopting different styles which include the use of smartphones, tablets, pads, digital notebooks etc. for taking notes. Whatever you are using to take notes, the key point is to write down things that come to mind to create a plot for your writings.

Build Your Portfolio

In simple word, Portfolio is a collection or compilation of materials that represents all your works, skills, educations, qualifications, training, experiences, thoughts and beliefs. A portfolio is very important for any writer to showcase the quality of your writing and what kind of writer you are.

Your portfolio should carry all your writing experiences with evidence and visual presentations. So for anyone who wants to hire you as a writer, will have a clear view of your writing career. This portfolio should be designed in a way that grabs the eyes of the employers or job providers.

1. Create a PDF Version of Your Portfolio

Create your Portfolio using Microsoft word and then save it as a PDF file to send it to your prospective employers or clients. Design a good cover page with eye-catching graphical presentations. Include everything into it that relates to your writing career.

2. Create a Video Portfolio

Also, create a video portfolio which has now a great demand in hiring online writers. Present yourself physically with formal dress up and express yourself in a very professional way. Try to shoot your video with proper background and surrounding that represents the environment of a writer. It could grab the first impression of your potential employers.

3. Creating and Hosting Your Portfolio Online

If you want to create your portfolio with your own domain name, then it is suggested to create with TLD (Top Leve Domain i.e. .com, .org, .info).But if you think that you cannot afford to buy a domain and hosting then go for free domain extensions i.e. .tk, .ml, .cf etc.

You can also use free hosting services with 000webhost for hosting your free or paid domain with setup WordPress CMS. Check how to create a website using free domain name and hosting. After installing WordPress CMS choose a theme designed for portfolio building.

You can also create your portfolio with WordPress, there you will be given a sub-domain e.g. “” which is also a very good idea at the beginning. When you will start with paid domain and hosting, just redirect the WordPress link with the permalinks to your new domain.

There is another website, Crevado who are providing nice services for creating and hosting your portfolio. Crevado is working only with portfolios, you should check their services. Many people love their services, but the free services are limited. So if you want your own freedom at the very beginning, then stick with the above-said process methods.

Build Your Social Media Presence

As a writer, you should maintain your presence on the social media platforms. Especially on Facebook, it is essential to create Page for your writing works. Share your works on social media pages and try to write some contents directly on your Facebook page. Social media fan page can introduce you to people spending time on social media and at the same time, it will increase the level of authenticity of your work online.

Where to Get  Freelance Writing Jobs or Gigs

If you are really interested in making a career as a writer, then consider the following websites for getting your online content-writing or copy-writing jobs –

How Much Can You Make/ Freelance Writing Salary

Writers are charging even $100+ per hour on Upwork. If you browse freelance writers on Upwork, you will find 27K+ both freelancers who are charging $60+ per hour. Even you will find writers on Upwork who already earned $700K+ till now. These are the views that how much could writers earn. You can have a close look at Upwork’s Best Freelance Writers.

At the beginning, the rate could be $10 to $30, which is the average freelancers’ rate per hour. There many other platforms where people are making $60K to $100K per year through writing. Many online writers say that the writers earning potential is unlimited.

Final Talk

This post is written with a purpose of helping people who want to how to become a writer online but do not know how to get onto it. Writing is a very good paid job category which creates dignity and brings respect from others. I will feel fulfilled if this post helps you even a bit. Please feel free to write in the comment box below, if you have anything to say. Thanks for reading…. Wish you to be wonderful and successful writer…


Best Freelancing Sites for Jobs

Best Freelancing Sites for Jobs

In the new era of online freelancing jobs, the number of freelance jobs seekers and providers increasing day by day. The ease and comfort in getting work and making money online have dramatically raises the demand of freelancing work online.


Freelancing Sites For Everyone

First of all, the question arises – “Who can work as online freelancers?”, the answer is almost anyone who has skills in writing, digital designing, software/web developing, web designing, data entry, moderation, transcription, video editing, database management etc. Moreover if you are interested to make an online money making career then you should know the ways of making money online free without investing a single penny.

If you are a student then you are suggested to read online jobs for college students, so that you can create a combo money-making system for life. Here on this post only the best freelancing sites are described where there are jobs for almost everyone according to the types of works.


Freelancer is the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace with 22+ million registered freelancers and freelancers globally form 247 countries. 11+ million jobs posted so far. It also claims that $1+ billion worth of work is being done annually.

If you want to prove yourself through participating into competitions then you should choose for finding your gigs or works. This contests or competitions are the way to get famous and get more jobs from clients.


You might have heard about two leading freelancing sites – Elance and oDesk who combined to form Upwork platform in 2014. This is the largest freelance network with 12+ million registered freelancers and 5+ million registered clients with 3+ million annually posted jobs. It also claims that $1+ billion worth of work is getting done annually.

Now you can imagine how big and popular Upwork is and here anyone can join as freelancer or employer. After signing up at Upwork don’t forget to complete your profile as it increases chances to get jobs. Also take part into tests and try to pass successfully which will strengthen your profile to get jobs easily.

Upwork actually is a freelance platform for almost everyone. Clients are offering a variety of works here and almost everyone has the opportunity to get the job even he or she is a new comer.

People Per Hour

People per hour is a good growing freelancing site with 1.5+ million registered users and posted 100+ million jobs. It has its global presence in 89 countries so far. Xenios Thrasyvoulou found PeoplePerHour in 2007.

Here you will find different types of works such as writing, graphic designing, SEO, software development, web development, business support, marketing, search marketing, social media, translation etc.

The different thing over here is their WorkStream tool which controls all your work related communications, management and payments.

OnceSpace (Previously Known as CrowdSource)

Onespace which was previously known as Crowdsource, tests their freelancers before set them on real works. After completing the registration form it will ask you to connect your PayPal account. The next step is to pass the test that every freelancer goes through.

The quality control team ensures the quality of the works. They provide video tutorials on editing and viewing profile, creating account, finding work, completing tasks etc for freelancers to perform better. The underperforming workers are set to provide training again before assigning future tasks.

The variety of work here are copy-writing, moderation, data and transcriptions. Their growth in this multi-billion dollar industry is very impressive. Their completed tasks got 730% growth since 2008.

Guru was founded in 1998 by Inder Guglani in Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is a freelance job platform for almost everybody. You will find here works on Designing-art-multimedia, web developing, software, writing, sales & marketing, management, finance, legal and many more.

After signing in there, you will have your Work Room to keep everything on track. You will get all the professional support to set your milestone and task, communicate with employers, payment scheduling.

You don’t have to worry about the payment as is using SafePay method, where the employers pays to before the work begins and pays freelancers when employers approves your works.


Speedlancer is actually believes in speed work accomplishment. They commit to complete the tasks of the clients within 4 hours of the task acceptance. This shows a different approach where the time frame is a promise. This is their competitive advantage within the industry.

Speedlancer is a challenging platform for freelancers where they can earn a very good amount in a short time. For clients there is an option to order custom tasks if they are not okay with the predetermined tasks.

Usually clients who have very short period of time to get their tasks done, are very satisfied with Speedlancer services.

Freelancing Sites for Designers and Developers

The works of  digital designers, software – web developers have high demand in the online digital market has created some online platforms where designers and developers can get all kind of digital designing, web developing, software developing, transcribing etc. The following are the best of those websites where you can find your next work or assignment online.


Toptal is one of the best freelancing sites especially for Graphic Designers, Web Developers and/or finance experts. They work with top brands like Axel Springer, J.P.Morgan, KDDI America, Airbnb, Zendesk, Fusionlab, Designkitchen etc. So Toptal always have great flow of projects and works for its freelancers.

They only take the top of the best talented people as freelancer. From the thousands of applications Toptal selects less than 3%. They want to serve those small or large businesses who are facing challenges to find top talents to accomplish their projects and works.

Their screening tests includes 5 steps to complete.

  • Language and Personality Test
  • In-Depth Skill Review
  • Live Screening
  • Test Projects
  • Continued Excellence

Check the Screening Test Details.

After selection you can choose whether you want to work part-time or full time and you can choose your own hourly rate.

99 Designs

99designs is the one of the largest graphic design based freelance platforms with more than a million talented designers. This unique design marketplace formed from the friendly graphics designing competition of sitepoint forum in 2008. This is the platform to give talented designers get their clients and show their works to the world. Even if you are a newbie in graphic designing you can easily get payments thorugh winning competition that are accepting newbies.

In this designing platform you can search work or projects, see the description, demand, payment and deadline of the projects. Whenever you complete a job or gig, the client will choose the best designs from two or three versions of your mockups and you will get your payment.

DesignCrowd is especially for designers to find their jobs from clients. It is one of the most popular design related freelance job sites where there are 5.5K+ top Graphic Designers. They completed 39+ million design projects and contests so far. The work categories of designing are Logo Design, Web Design, Brochure Design, Banner Ad Design, Flyer Design, T-Shirt Design, Stationary Design etc.

crowdSPRING: Best for Freelance Designers

If you are a creative person then you should definitely have a look on crowdSPRING freelancing site. They are mainly based on creative projects by graphic designers, web designers. Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson created this site to help meet all the creative people with the people looking for creative talents.

The major work categories of crowdSPRING gigs are Logo Designing, Small Website, Print Design and Company Naming. There are also business content related jobs but mainly they are focusing on creative works.

They have more than 198,000 registered designers and writers around the world. Successfully completed 51,542 projects with average 93+ entries per projects. You can join there for free, they will take a small percentage of your earnings.