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The popularity of eBooks is undeniable. Readers love reading eBook as they can carry it with them all the time. It is now one of the easiest ways to earn or make money online. If you are good at anything that you can teach or share with people then you should start writing and make money selling ebooks. Yes, electronic book, which is very easy now to create with your own contents.



How to Get eBook Writing Ideas

If you are not sure what to write about then remember whatever that would be, is already inside you. Suppose you are very good at cooking foods and you feel that it could be shared with other people through writing recipes. Then it is better to start with making a cookbook where all your own dishes recipes will be in written format.

You can go for some other ideas but find and select an idea that has a good value of demand. For an example, you can try the term Paleo Diet Recipes, this has a great demand in the market, but not enough result for good sources of information.


Required Tools and Software

You need word processing tools or software to create your content. Besides using Microsoft Word, MS Word Online or Pages if you are a Mac user, You can also use Google Docs, it is also a very good tool for writers.

Just download the google drive sign into it with your Gmail account and start using google words. For those who want to use free word processing tools should consider using google docs or the following open source word processing tools for both Windows and Mac users.


Creating Outlines

An outline is very important to write an ebook. You can think it the blueprint of your whole ebook. The outline helps to get focused on the topic and create a relative flow of the whole ebook.

First, make a rough outline, then start writing and you will get your outline being developed with the advancement of your writing. Once you create the outline and get structured, you will find it very inspiring easy to write the description of your book.

The outline helps readers to get the main idea and concept of the eBook. It keeps readers engaging with the eBook which will create a cognitive respect for the writer of the eBook.


The First Impression is the Last Impression

There is a saying that “the first impression is the last impression”. It is very true in the world of selling and marketing. Almost all the marketer or seller is implementing this saying.

Think about yourself, if you see a product that you are not about to buy but the look and the quality of that product created an impression inside you. Now you are feeling to recheck the product, why, because now there is an intention inside you to buy the product.

The intention converts into demand and that demand converts into successful selling of the product. In case of an electronic book (ebook), the following two things are most important things to grab the attention of buyers –

Cover of Your E-book

Cover of your e-book is very crucial to get sold, though there is a saying “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover” but it is important to get the first impression of the prospective readers. Through internet people these days are buying almost everything.

Suppose you are buying a T-shirt online, but you cannot touch to examine the t-shirt’s quality. But that is not stopping you to buy that T-shirt. People find it very comfortable to buy on the internet. But what if the product is an e-book, you cannot touch even after you buy it. I hope you got the point why people find ebook eligible to buy online.

In that process, there should be something that grabs their minds to increase cognitive demand for that particular eBook. So the cover page should be mind-blowing and able to get the first impression of the potential readers.

Synopsis for Your E-book

If you don’t know what synopsis is, then in simple words “Synopsis” the summary or the outline of a written work. You might have seen on paper made books that on the back cover of the book there is a summary of major plots or points of the whole book. This summary the book is called synopsis.

It is very important for any book especially for an ebook, because if your ebook cover works fine to grab the attention of the buyer, then the next thing the buyer will look for is the synopsis. If the synopsis is perfect to please the cognitive desire of the buyer then the ebook could be sold successfully

I hope you already got the importance of the synopsis in ebook selling business. So take your time while writing the synopsis of your ebook, to make it a selling synopsis.


More and More Images

Use as many images as you can, as it helps encourage them while reading. It is also important if you need to grab attention to a specific part while reading any part of the ebook. On the web too many pictures can create a problem, so the ebook is a nice way to express all your words with a lot of pictures.

Create pictures through vector graphic software like Adobe Illustrator and/or Inkscape or you can shoot photos with your digital camera or mobile phone camera, then edit them to get them ready to use it within your writing.

If you are not comfortable with designing or photography, then I would suggest you to use creative commons pictures. Search pictures with the topic of your demand and look for those which are with CC0 License. CC0 license represents you can reuse with modification and no requirements for attribution.


Link Up Web Content & Social Pages

Ebook has always known a very good source of backlinks if we talk about SEO. You can create very effective backlinks for your website and your social media page just by linking them up to the ebook. Good backlinks will rank your site into SERP (search engine result page).

Moreover, it can be a profitable way for increasing traffic to your YouTube or Vimeo videos where views convert into currency. But we should remember one thing that whatever links are getting inserted into the eBook, those links must relate to the main topic of the ebook. secure

How to Publish eBook and Where to Sell

You can use Blurb’s online eBook creator to create your ebook. This tool will help you edit and design your book contents and cover page. After completing your e-book creation steps your book will be on Blurb store or Apple iBookstore.

For selling your eBook you can use the Amazon market to sell your ebook. There are also some other cool places to sell e-books such as Kindle Direct Publishing, Blurb etc. If you publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing then you automatically your book will be on Kindle store.

Format of Your Ebook

The format of your eBook electronic should be PDF format. This is the most common and friendly eBook format. You can use your word processors to save the file in pdf format.

In case of different types of selling platforms, they use a specific format such as kindle publishing. In that case, use their format to create your eBook and market it.


Proper Marketing for the E-book

Marketing is very crucial for selling eBooks online. It needs a planned and effective way to market eBook your ebook. There are already huge number of people working on digital marketing. You can hire them to market your product or you can also go for free methods which are as follows –

Social Media Pages

If you have your own social media pages then make a use of it to promote your ebook through the fan of your pages. If you don’t have social pages then create an Author page on Facebook and Twitter start sharing all your creations.

Share things that is related to your niche. Keep yourself engaging with social pages on a regular basis, which will help search engines of social media get your page to the potential readers.

Share and promote your eBook on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and all other social platforms. You will find it very effective to reach a lot of people who really love to read your eBook.

Pinterest should be mentioned separately, as it is very effective for selling products like eBooks. Share your eBooks’ selling link on Pinterest that will represent through the attracting cover page of your eBook.

Use Giant e-Commerce Sites

As I have already mentioned about in the section of where to sell eBook, I did not mention there that it is a place where it is very easy to get sales promotions and avail products to millions of their regular buyers. You can also check and use the service of eBay one the biggest competitors of Amazon.

Use Affiliate Networks

Use affiliate networks to sell your ebook, where there you have to pay commission to the affiliates for success sales. This is very helpful as those affiliates use their content marketing to sell your products for earning their commissions.

We should keep in mind that the more the sale is the more the revenue from the ebook selling. So sharing a small portion of the money which is indeed inflowing from customers is actually profitable to deal with.

Final Talk

The more productive we can be the more money can be made online. For that we need to know the proper ways without investing anything. I wanted to share the ways to help you make money selling eBooks online. You may or may not be a writer, but you can be a writer at any time you want.

Yes, for a newbie it will take more time than the time professional writers usually take. But nobody can ignore that professional writers were also newbies to writing at the beginning of the career. Just get inspirations and motivation first then you will find it very easy to become a writer to earn your living.

I will think myself happy if this post can help you even a bit in your endeavor. Please feel free to share your feeling or what you think in comments box below. I wish you successful money making career ahead. Have a nice day.

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