How to Do YouTube SEO for Free

YouTube video views are very important as it can help generate money. So to get a good number of video views, it is very important to follow some simple but very powerful step by step methods before and after creating the video. The steps are described below –

Pre Video Production Steps

Pre Step 1: Find Keyword for Video Title

Most important thing before making the video is the title. Title should be found out first according to your niche. The title should have profitable keyword(s) in it.

  • Search Keyword on YouTube

Write a part of your desired name of the video in the search box of YouTube and within seconds you will get auto suggestion list of searches. These are the searches that all global viewers on YouTube are looking for.

youtube search suggestion Example

  • Search Keyword on Google

Also search the desired keyword in the search box on google. See the suggestions from google while searching. Google usually suggest those keywords which are being search relating to your search. See the suggestion on the below page while searching “how to do SEO for YouTube”.

Google Search for Youtube

See if there is any video at the top the first page of the search results. The most popular videos relating to your search term would always be at the top of the search result page.

google Search with Video on top

But if there is no video at the beginning of the search page, then select the “video” category just beneath the google search box. The video search category will show you all the video results of the keyword terms you are looking for.

  • Use TubeBuddy Free Keyword Exploring Tool

Install the TubeBuddy plugin for your browser and search the keyword term on the TubeBuddy keyword explore tool which is free service from TubeBuddy. The title suggestions from YouTube search box and Google search box as well as google video category search results. This is an amazing free service that you should use for your YouTube videos SEO.

Tubebuddy Tag Explorer Whereabout

Pre Step 2: Naming the Video File

After you got the title of your video with good profitable keyword(s), write that title in a way that can easily optimized by the YouTube analytics. For example, a video on “YouTube SEO How to Rank YouTube Video” write the video file name with underscores replacing the spaces, i.e. “YouTube_SEO_How_to_Rank_YouTube_Video.mp4”.

Naming YouTube Video File

Any video file uploaded with name like this could help the search engines to optimize keywords within it.

Pre Step 3: Keywords in Video Script

Please make your video that completely represents what it says in the title keywords. If your video represents exactly what it says and more than you will get more impressions with actions on your video. If you are using any voice to describe, then keep the keywords in the voice descriptions of the video. It will help the YouTube transcribing tool to optimize.

If you have completed successfully these pre video productions steps then follow the post video productions steps described below.

Post Video Production Steps

Post Step 1: Upload the Video

Upload the video that you made following the pre video production steps. After the completion of your video upload you will see the video title exactly the name of the video file but with spaces replacing the underscores. Like from “Best_Travel_Tips_Video.mp4” to “Best Travel Tips Video”. But it will preserve the exact name of the file in the video information section as Raw File name.

Post Step 2: Description of Your Video

What kind of video and what the video is about is very important for YouTube and Google to understand. To determine that it analyzes the description of the video. Naturally the description says exactly what a viewer would get by watching a particular video. So we can easily understand the importance of description in doing SEO for YouTube Video.

A good description that can be optimized properly in google and YouTube will increase the authenticity of the video.  So keep following things in mind while writing the video description.

  • Keep all your selected keywords at the beginning of your video, should be within the first 20 – 30 words.
  • Try to mention the keywords at least 2 – 3 times through describing the video. Please do not write the keywords too many times in the description.
  • Describe the video properly – describe everything the video contains. It will increase the probability of the optimization of your video.
  • If the video contains voice narration then try to write all the words of the voice narration. Please do not write your video tags in the description field or else your video will be deleted and banned on YouTube.
  • If you have any website for your video channel or links of your other videos to show in the description, then that link should be at the beginning of the video that can be seen without clicking the “show more” option. It will increase the click through rates (CTR) of the link.
  • If you already have videos on YouTube and video albums, then mention them somewhere in the description. Your best videos or albums are suggested to mention in the description.

Post Step 3: Tags

Tags are also important to help Google and YouTube analytics engines to determine the video. Tags are also used for ranking your video for every specific keywords that is being searched on the internet.

YouTube Text Box

  • First put the main keyword in the tag box. Then find and use all keywords that relates the main keywords of your video.
  • Check the SEO score of every keyword through TubeBuddy Free Tag Explorer tool.
  • Make little changes in the main keywords without changing main demand of the video.
  • Add few more words with the main keyword and try to find a long tail keyword that shows good SEO scores.
  • Take time and do the previous two steps for several times until you find some keywords that scores good.
  • For the main keyword “Best YouTube SEO Strategy” search the SEO scores for keywords like – “Best”, “SEO”, “YouTube SEO”, “Strategy”, “SEO Strategy”, “Best YouTube SEO”, “Best Strategy for YouTube SEO” “How to do SEO”, “How to Do SEO for YouTube Video” and so on.

Post Step 4: Closed Caption (CC)

We all have watched movies with subtitle to better understand the narration of the actors. Closed Caption (CC) on YouTube is also shows the subtitle of the voice description. Always use closed caption for your video.

  • Closed Caption by Uploading Manually

For describing your video there should be a written document (Script) for describing while making the video. Just upload the all the script of your video which is a manual process of creating closed caption.

Manually Upload subtitle

  • Automatic Closed Caption

Auspiciously, now YouTube has a new algorithm that can easily convert the words of the video voice into text (We usually know it as “Speech/Voice to Text Technology”). As the closed caption carries the keywords, so it will help rank your video by indexing the keyword in the search engines.

Auto CC or Subtitle

If you are using YouTube’s auto transcriptions, then carefully check if it can transcript properly. If it cannot then upload your transcript manually.


I hope you like this post to increase traffic to your YouTube channel and videos. You may also like to read YouTube Video Ideas for Making More Videos.


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