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YouTube video ideas are very crucial for anyone who wants to create videos for YouTube. If you are not very good at brainstorming about YouTube video ideas then you can have some ideas which can help create few more ideas. The ideas should be those that you are comfortable with. Read the following YouTube Video Ideas and use them make your videos as well as your successful YouTube channel.


Fashion Design

If you know fashion designing then it could be a great source for you to make YouTube videos. Make videos of your newly designed fashions which you can also use for your own fashion designing store.


Are you making handicrafts then it could be another great source that can be used to create YouTube Videos. Ideas could be on how to make handicrafts, or description of your made handicrafts, uses of those handicrafts. If those handicrafts are show pieces then make videos on how to decorate with them.

Digital Designs

Creative digital designers have the opportunity to create prospective videos on how to design vector or raster graphics, presentation of created designs. Vector graphics designers can make videos on logo making ideas, how to think while designing logos.

Animated Videos

This is one of the greatest YouTube video ideas that can grab the viewers’ attention very fast. From adolescent to adult everyone likes 3D animations. Many 3D animation experts using their talent to make videos with great stories. If you know 3D animation then use your skill to convert short stories into a short movie.

You can also create these videos even you don’t have animation skills. Want to know how? Then just learn free open source animation software “Blender”. You can easily learn them for free on Blender’s Tutorial page.


YouTube has an enormous collection of tutorials on almost everything. Making tutorial video is always a great YouTube video ideas. But you should specific niche that you are good at, for making tutorials. The following the most popular types of videos which are known as evergreen ideas.

Favorite Software Beginner tutorial

Make software video tutorials for beginners or newbies. Create videos on topics like how to install a software, how to start using a software or app. It should be the total introduction of the software. Work on this type of videos when you have good knowledge of your selected software to make videos. Make sure that you are explaining correctly.

Photo Editing

If you are good at editing photographs then you could easily find a good number of audience who want to edit their photos. The best software for editing photo is Adobe Photoshop, which is the most popular photo and raster graphics software. But for making YouTube video with Photoshop you have to buy Photoshop like the Adobe Illustrator. If you can’t afford to buy then use open source software like GIMP, Paint.Net or Pixlr. These open source photo editing software are also popular.


Create animation video tutorials. Teach people how to use animating software to create animations. Many viewers are looking for videos that can teach them how to create animations. Categorize them as primary, intermediary and advanced levels. So the viewers can easily choose what is suitable for them.

Product Reviews

New Upcoming products

People are looking for information on upcoming products. As it is not yet in the market so it is hard to find information about the product. But there is news on the upcoming products which can help you create a video.

Smartphones, Notebooks, Computers and other devices

Smartphones tabs, notebooks have huge search volume for reviews. So it is always better a good idea to make videos on smartphones, tabs, notebook etc. You can find a lot of information on the brand’s website and the rest you have to find out through news and other online shopping sites.

Fashion Updates

Fashion and its trends are a very good idea to make videos with. Make videos on recent trending apparels and fashion related topics. Get ideas for video through fashion shows and their news. Make updates video for big fashion houses and their concerns.

Health Products

There are thousands of products online for sale, but people are very sensitive about health products. So before making health review videos, make sure the product is getting good customer feedback. Once you got a product with good customer reviews then it could be a great health product for making video reviews.

Digital Products

Make videos about all kinds of known or unknown digital products that people love to know about. You can find this type of digital products information on tech related site like Find out information, plan the way to present them with the thumbnail so that people find it worth watching.

Problem Solving

Software / Apps Problems and Solutions

Almost everyone is facing problems with the use of software and apps which need to be solved. So people are looking for solutions online. If you are good with software and apps uses, then you should make problem-solving videos for its huge demand. People love to watch videos to know how to solve a particular problem, special if it is something technical.

Operating System – Problem Solution

If you are very good with operating systems like windows, Mac or any other OS then find out issues people are looking for, then make videos if you know the solutions for their issues. Non-technical persons usually face those issues, which is very rational, and these people are prospective viewers for your videos.

Solve Smartphones’ Problems

Make YouTube videos on smartphones with probable problems and issues that majority of the people are facing with. But it would be easy for you only if you are smartphone tech person who knows the ins and outs of all famously branded smartphones.

Website Problem – WordPress

Nowadays people are getting online for long, almost everyone wants to open a website for himself or herself. As a result, the number of websites is increasing dramatically, which is a good sign for the future online era.

At the same time, only a few people are good at creating and maintain websites. So the rest is facing problems almost every day. So if you are good with website creation especially WordPress, then the good news is people are looking for videos on YouTube to solve their WordPress problems.


Academic problem solution is another idea to make videos with. For example, math students are looking for math solutions, finance students are looking for solutions for their financial equation problem. So you can create solutions on any subject that you are good at and people are looking video solutions for.

Movies and TV Shows

Best Weekly Movie Talks

Make video for the weekly update about movies. See some movie review or talks video on YouTube, Vimeo or on other video platforms to get the idea how to present movie talks on video and then make yours.

Best Weekly TV Serials and Shows Talk

Make discussion videos on Television weekly serials and shows. It is easy and better than movie updates. Because serials of the passing week will create updates for your next video.

Movie Critics

Critics are also very popular videos for viewers. But remember critics should find out the problems to solve them next time. So don’t make critics that hurt people. Even YouTube will not accept any video that hurt any races or community or group or an individual.

Video Gaming

YouTube has a policy for gaming video which should be followed. So, first of all, read all the terms and conditions of the “YouTube Gaming” before planning to make videos for YouTube. The following are the YouTube video ideas with Video Games.

Introducing Games

Make YouTube video introducing games to people who are newbies to that particular game(s). This video making idea is very popular because it has a good number of prospective viewers if the video game is a popular one.


This is one of the best YouTube video ideas for gamers to create videos for their YouTube video gaming channel. The best thing about it is you can create videos just by playing the game and recording with any screen capturing software.

Gaming News Discussion

There are lots of video games on the market which are so popular that people are keen to know news about them. Make videos on them explaining the discussion of the famous players and analytics of those games.

Weekly Game Updates

All games’ providers update their games to solve or fix bugs and issues. Gamers want to know about those update fixes. So look for video games update news find out details of games’ updates and make weekly videos on those update news to present them on YouTube for viewers.

Best Esports Players

Make videos on best Esports gamers showing their weekly gaining and records they make. Tell what good they did in the week and what community think about finished games.

Best Esports Tournaments

Esports games like League of Legends (LoL), Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2), Counter Strike – Global Offensive (CS:GO) etc. has lots of tournament games being held every month. These tournaments have enormous popularity in the gamers and viewers. You can make YouTube videos on match highlights.

Emulators for Gaming

Use emulator for Android and IOS play games record them and upload them on YouTube. Even people are also looking for emulators for both PC and MAC to operate popular mobile phone games/apps.


Favorite Sports Match Discussion / Reviews

Make YouTube videos on most popular sports (American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Cricket etc.) discussions. Create the video with opinions given by sports analytics and former best sportsmen. Find out the issues online regarding that particular sport and

Upcoming Tournament Updates

Sport upcoming tournament news update and the preparation can be used to make videos for sports lovers. This type of video will contain the preparation of popular sports personalities, venues and what amusement spectators from foreign countries can have by the venue area.

Sports World Championship Discussion

World championship of Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Tennis and all other popular sports is a great opportunity to create videos of vast demand. You can easily find a lot of information on those tournament matches through the championship Council website and from other news. Try to create those videos as fast as you can as these types of videos usually have a huge demand but for a specific period of time such a month or two.


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